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The Amalfi Coast, the alternative way

Crystal clear waters, jaw dropping cliffs, spectacular scenery…the Amalfi Coast in Italy fits every holiday cliche you could imagine. Despite this, it really is stunning.

Located on the western coast of Italy, the Amalfi Coast is an hour or so drive from Naples. It is the Italy of movies and tv shows; perilous roads snaking around jagged cliffs connecting quaint Italian towns with lemon trees aplenty. The region’s natural beauty draws thousands of visitors each year, so sometimes it’s difficult to know where to go to avoid the tourist traps and truly experience la dolce vita, without those pesky queues that trust me, the Italians just don’t do.


Here’s 5 ways to experience the Amalfi coast ….

1. Maiori and Minori

These two towns are lesser known than some of their larger counterparts (think Sorrento and Capri), but Maoiri and Minori are just as beautiful. With a luscious green backdrop, these towns are less hilly than the others, the cobbled streets stretching back further away from the coast. Follow the paths away from the busy beach and immerse yourself in wonderful chaos that is Italian life. Grab a cornetto and a cappuccino from a pasticceria and start your day in the most Italian way possible; with great food.


2. La Torre Normanna

Continuing with the theme of good food, la Torre Normanna, a converted norman tower, is a great spot for lunch. Situated 100m away from Maiori’s beach, food is served in an open air room with panoramic views of the bay. If you fancy delicious food served al fresco (and really, who wouldn’t?) this is a must visit.


3. Ravello

Whilst the town of Ravello is rather well known, it is definitely worth a visit. Take a drive into the hills – beware of the crazy drivers – and reward your hard work with lunch in one of the restaurants that sit atop of the cliff. Skip desert, wander into the town square and grab a gelato al limone, for a taste of the famous Amalfi lemons. Stay until the afternoon; this town is at is prettiest when bathed in the dusky early evening light.


4. Lido Capo di Conca

The Amalfi coast is all about relaxation, and the Lido Capo di Conca, is a perfect example of this. Call the reception desk and use your best Italian to ask them to send a boat to collect you from wherever you are staying. There’s something pretty special about turning up to lunch on a speedboat. After lunch, spend a few hours relaxing by the water, before commandeering your ride back to the main towns. You really couldn’t have it any other way, after all.


5. Boat Trip

Being out at sea is one of the best ways to experience the Amalfi coast. Firstly, you avoid the somewhat terrifying experience of driving next to a cliff’s edge, and secondly, you get to see some of the spectacular towns from a distance. Take a trip to Positano; a town peppered with coloured houses and brightly painted frescos. Once you visit the town itself you’ll realise it’s probably better from the sea, and getting back on the speedboat will make you feel extra smug.


The Amalfi Coast is all of these things and so much more. The food, scenery and people are just so Italian and doing any of the things above will give you a more authentic view of this beautiful part of the world.

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