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Credit: Billboard.com

Taylor Swift is Named Top-Earning Musician of 2015.

Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour last year has brought her to the top of the Billboard’s highest paid list.


Credit: Forbes.com

Credit: Forbes.com

2015 was a big year for ‘it girl’, Taylor Swift, with the explosion of her latest pop album, 1989 and the tour that followed. Billboard estimates that the tour brought in a whopping $61.7 million (approx. £42.5 million) alone. The ‘Style’ singer earned herself $33.7 million (approx. £23.2 million) in 2015 ranking her number one on the highest paid musicians list.

The majority of her earnings came from her high profiled tour which seen an array artists and celebrities like Julia Roberts, Justin Timberlake, Serena Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, Idina Menzel and Mick Jagger, to name but a few, and of course Taylor’s ‘Girl Squad‘ which included every supermodel hot on the scene right now. The tour was said to be even more impressive to witness than previous ones like ‘Red’ with the 1989 tour lasting 2+ hours and 19 songs on average being performed. Those performed included new interpretations of old numbers and a dazzling stage execution of her newer songs like ‘Blank Space’ and ‘New Romantics’.

Credit: HarpersBazaar.com

Credit: HarpersBazaar.com

Coming second place behind Taylor Swift on the list was country singer Kenny Chesney who earned $33.7 million (approx. £23.5 million) and third place to The Rolling Stones also raking in their millions from touring. The rest of 2015’s high paid musicians can be viewed in all their glory here.

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