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Talk to the hand: North Korea reject Iran-style nuclear deal



North Korea are “not interested” in peace talks with Washington and reject the idea of a deal that could limit their nuclear capacity, it emerged yesterday.

A deal made earlier this year saw Iran agreeing to limit nuclear powers and reduce fuel in return for US sanctions relief. The deal has largely been regarded as a step in the right direction if the US is to make peace with the Middle East.


However, a spokesman for North Korea’s Foreign Ministry quashed the idea of similar negotiations between North Korea and the US, stating that the country’s situation is “quite different” from Iran’s. The minister also stated nuclear powers serve as an “essential deterrence” against America’s hostility towards the regime.

The stand-off could serve to increase tensions, which have been rife since former leader Kim Jong II went back on a deal and commenced underground nuclear tests in 2006. In May this year, Washington stated that Pyongyang “was not even close” to initiating peace talks, and there are now grave security concerns over North Korea’s nuclear arsenal, which could reach 100 weapons by 2020.

By Trudie Carter

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