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Talk Talk cyber-attack could impact 4 million customers

Internet service providers, Talk Talk have reported their third cyber-attack in 12 months, which has placed 4 million customers at risk of a data breach.

The chief executive of Talk Talk, Dido Harding, has apologised to customers but said that the breaches were “completely unrelated.”

The attack could have left credit card, bank account details, names, addresses, dates of birth, email addresses and telephone numbers exposed to the hackers.


It is not yet known how many of the 4 million at risk customers have been breached.

In an interview with ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the chief executive said: “I really appreciate the frustration and the worry and the concern that this causes customers – I am a customer myself – and I am very sorry for that.

“We are rushing to try and get that information to our customers as fast as we possibly can.”

Several news agencies have speculated that the cyber attackers could be linked to Islamic extremists and Metropolitan police cybercrime unit has launched an investigation.

The Guardian reported that a Scotland Yard spokesman said: “There have been no arrests and enquiries are ongoing. We are aware of speculation regarding alleged perpetrators; this investigation remains at an early stage; a full assessment of the alleged data theft is ongoing.”

Customers have been warned to change passwords and keep an eye on any suspicious activity within their bank accounts.

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