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10 Places in America to Visit this Autumn

The USA is world-renowned for its colourful autumnal foliage. All across the United States, from the iconic New England coast to the Pacific Northwest, dazzling golds, reds and yellows have delighted visitors for centuries.

Is Luke Cage The Hero We’ve Been Asking For?

Marvel fans around the globe have had a lot to shout about recently: a new Spider-Man joining the Avengers, Jon Berthnal finally doing the Punisher character some justice, but the news that got many excited was the potential for a Defenders TV series on Netflix in 2013. Since that date, we’ve had Charlie Cox boss it as Daredevil, a character ...

6 Things To Avoid in NYC (& What To Do Instead)

Ditch those bulky guide books and consider one of these alternatives to exploring New York City instead.

The real Los Angeles

The words ‘Los Angeles’ conjure up typical images; the Hollywood sign, the walk of fame and the Oscars, to name a few. LA and celebrity culture go hand in hand, but the city is so much more than this. The beaches are spectacular, the food is varied and delicious and the people are friendly and active. Los Angel-ites are a healthy bunch and many of the activities revolve around this kind of lifestyle. The real LA lies behind its celebrity facade, so here are 10 alternative activities to the standard tourist options
Abbot Kinney
Located near Venice Beach, Abbot Kinney is an area packed to the rafters with hipster shops and cool cafes. Head to Café Gratitude for a healthy and delicious brunch, options such as cashew crepes making up their 100% plant based menu.

Venice Beach
Near the aforementioned Abbot Kinney, Venice Beach does draw in the tourist crowds but for good reason. Stroll along the boulevard and check out the hippy shops, street performers and rollerbladers that line the boardwalk to the beach.

Venice Ca


America’s Most Haunted Travel Destinations

Axe wielding murderers, lunatics, sadistic hostesses and people disappearing randomly from elevators, lets take a look at some of America’s most haunted tourist destinations for you to explore – if you dare. The Stanley Hotel, Colorado  Made famous by Stephen King’s The Shining and immortalised in Stanley Kubrick’s 1979 movie of the same name, the Stanley Hotel was built in 1909. ...

10 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Hike Before You Die

Ever had a broken heart or need to find yourself again? Why not spend your next vacation hiking the Pacific Crest Trail? OK, whilst thru-hiking might not be for everyone, feast your eyes on the 10 reasons why you should go on a hike before you die.

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