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5 of the best books to inspire travel

During this time of the year work commitments and university deadlines start to take their tole and sometimes it’s just nice to get away. If you can’t find time to venture abroad to warmer climates, get your fill of escapism through the writings of others. After all, picking up a book is a lot cheaper than a booking a flight… Here’s ...

Top 5 Spots in South Africa’s Garden Route

South Africa is a wonderful holiday destination. From the pristine beaches of Cape Town to the natural wonders of the Kruger National Park, South Africa has something for everyone. There is, however, one area often overlooked in the classic South Africa tour: the Garden Route. The Garden Route is a region of South Africa that lies between Cape Town and ...

Top 10 things to do in Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile, is a city set against an awesome backdrop. The snowcapped mountains of the Andes on the horizon contrast with the modern skyscrapers that criss-cross the city vista.

Cape Town’s Best Breakfasts

Cape Town, South Africa, is a food lover’s dream city. With its mélange of cultures and people, there are so many options to choose from.

Warm weather and a temperate climate make it an easy place to be healthy - many activities on offer are centred around being outside and active. Early morning hikes, surfs and runs are popular, which more often than not leads to breakfast out. It’s no surprise then that Cape Town has so many great breakfast places. Here’s a few to get you started when visiting South Africa's mother city:


Located in the heart of the city, Melissa’s is a local favourite. Varied and delicious breakfast options are complemented with great coffee, good people watching and fast wifi. In a country where internet speeds can be incredibly slow, this is a bonus.

A breakfast chain across Cape Town, nü is all about health. With their extensive juice menu and array of healthy eating options - think quinoa bircher muesli and gluten free banana brea


Alternative European City Breaks

Weekend city breaks are a great way for tourists to experience some of Europe’s best destinations. There are many well trodden routes for this type of holiday – the historical buildings of Rome, the cobbled streets of Paris and the hip and trendy neighbourhoods of Berlin – but there are so many other places to visit that can give a ...

5 Cool Places to Eat in Paris

Paris is a city synonymous with love, fashion, and most importantly, food. The French love their food, and Paris is a gastronome’s delight, with so many varied options for dining out. Here’s a pick of 5 places you must try when visiting the city of lights.

10 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Hike Before You Die

Ever had a broken heart or need to find yourself again? Why not spend your next vacation hiking the Pacific Crest Trail? OK, whilst thru-hiking might not be for everyone, feast your eyes on the 10 reasons why you should go on a hike before you die.

Five Things You Must Do at Niagara Falls

An unstoppable flow of water falls from the arching 50 meter precipice into the Niagara river with a deafening and thundering force. Vast icy mist clouds swirl for hundreds of metres in the air like an ethereal veil, concealing the epic rift behind the powerful torrent.

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