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Hiking for dummies: how to prepare yourself

Whether you go to photograph nature, reconnect with Mother Earth, challenge yourself or just out of obligation, trekking over the course of a few days isn’t for the light hearted. It takes several cold nights, blisters and litters of sweat to really get to the bottom of it and every minute might not be enjoyable. But if as autumn creeps upon us, ...

5 “Healthy” foods that are actually bad for you

By Jeshoots via Pexel

  As soon as we hear the word “healthy”, we tend to go mental. “Smoothies are healthy? Give me 3”. Even extremely healthy food can be quite bad for you if it isn’t eaten in moderation. But how about the foods that are not actually that healthy but only advertised as such. So here is the list of 5 “healthy” ...

How To Dress Stylish And Comfortable In Winter

With Winter around the corner, it’s time to bid farewell to the old season and transition our wardrobes. The word ‘Winter’ is mostly associated with snow, chilly temperatures, freezing winds, and it almost becomes a mission to find a way to stay warm when it’s cold outside. However, the fashion world makes the arrival of the cold season more enjoyable! ...

What to Wear to a Holiday Party

It's that time of the year again. Holiday season has officially started and, with Christmas approaching, we usually get invited to many parties.

Whether it's an office party or a New Year's Eve bash with friends, this is the chance to look festive! However, not everybody likes to dress up and sometimes it becomes difficult to find something simple and sophisticated to wear. But no panic! Taking a look around, we can certainly find something appropriate for every one.

When it comes to party outfits, it's important to choose something comfortable and, in case of a work event, elegant and formal.

Let's take a look at some ideas on what to wear this holiday season.
From top left: Reiss Velvet Gown Pitch Black £295, Jane Norman Gold Foil Knot Party Dress £45, Phase Eight Mimi Fit & Flare Dress £140, Asos Velvet Asymmetric Bandeau Midi Dress £58
Dresses are a classic and a favourite to wear at any event. You can easily choose from a variety of styles, such as fit and flare, bodycon, midi or full length gowns

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