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Top 10 things to do in Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile, is a city set against an awesome backdrop. The snowcapped mountains of the Andes on the horizon contrast with the modern skyscrapers that criss-cross the city vista.

6 Vacations For Adrenaline Junkies

Fancy a potentially deadly vacation? We all like risking our lives for great experiences, don’t we?

Welcome to the sambadrome – the spiritual side of Rio

Rio is in the spotlight this year, as the city is ready to host two of the greatest shows on earth. After a successful World Cup in 2014, Rio is getting ready for this year’s Olympic Games. However, don’t let samba, caipirinhas and the girl from Ipanema distract you from the spiritual journey that this majestic city could take you ...

A Cat-alogue from Around the World

The internet is (practically) made of cats, if you don't believe me- follow the link to the solid piece of proof that provided for the world. At least 15% of the internet is connected to cats in some way according to CBS.Whether it be cat forums, cat images such as Instagram's collection under #instakitty, or indeed the almost infinite supply found on Youtube.

So, now I have persuaded you of this obvious fact, it may be only logical to deduce that the world is also made of cats; ranging from tiny kittens, teenage cats, to fully fledged adults of over 40 varieties. Whilst on my trip around the world, I decided to provide evidence of this indisputable fact-in the form of furry photography. I visited South America, Australasia, and Asia, and I tell you that I could not have got meow JPEGs if I'd tried. Starting at home with my beautiful cat Evie; I'll take you on a journey from the privileged pussies of the home counties of England, to the moggies of South America and finally the furry street urchins of Asia.

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