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Antibiotic Resistance ‘Bigger Threat Than Cancer?’

Antibiotic resistance is absolutely storming current news with a bold statement by UK Chancellor George Osborne that ‘antibiotic resistance will become “an even greater threat to mankind than cancer” without global action. Osborne warns delegates at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) meeting in Washington that there will be an “enormous economic cost” posed by increasing antibiotic resistance by 2050. Cumulative reports of elevated morbidity, mortality ...

Conservationists Rejoice as Tigers Claw Their Way Back

A recent survey reported by The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has confirmed that for the first time in a century, tiger numbers have significantly risen within the global population. It’s now standing at 3,890. Bravo! Tiger population statistics in 2010 at the Tiger Summit, Russia gave us a sad insight into the state of the species numbering only 3,200, a shocking 97% decline ...

Has Einstein Been Proven Right—Again?

Rumours have begun to circulate in the physics community that a group of scientists in the US have detected gravitational waves. Their existence was predicted in 1916 Albert Einstein as a part of his general theory of relativity, but they have so far eluded scientists. According to the theory, gravitational waves are ripples in the curvature of space-time that propagate ...

Can scientists predict top models?

Have you ever wondered if it's really possible to predict the future? Well, it seems like scientists can now tell us who are going to be the next successful fashion models just by looking at their social media presence.

Researchers from the Indiana University have studied a group of 400 models from the database Fashion Model Directory since New York Fashion Week in September 2014, analysing hair and eye colour, measurements, height, modeling agency and runways walked. In addition, they checked their Instagram accounts, predicting that who has more followers, posts and likes, has a higher chance to become the next Kendall Jenner.

According to Yahoo Style, computer scientist Emilio Ferrara, who works at the University of Southern California, said: ' Our analysis suggests that Instagram is as important as being cast by a top agency in terms of its ability to predict success on the runway'. Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, researcher at the Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research at IU added: 'Traditionally, models don't interact with consumers; but now


‘Suicide’ gene therapy to treat cancer

A new gene therapy using the suicide gene has been developed which causes cancer cells to self- destruct. The therapy has specifically been designed to modify prostate cancer cells and causes the tumour cells in the patient’s body to attack and self-destruct, leading to scientists giving it the name, ‘suicide’ gene therapy. US scientists and cancer specialists from Houston Methodist ...

Mental exercises can benefit everyday life

A recent large-scale study has suggested that regularly doing mental exercises and online brain training can have a beneficial effect in helping to improve the memory and reasoning skills for older people.  

Space debris set to strike Earth

A large piece of manmade space debris, thought to be junk dating back from Apollo space missions, is set to collide with Earth in November. Scientists predict that the hollow object will strike Earth at approximately 6.15am on 13 November. They have been tracking the object using specialised independent astronomy software developed by Bill Gray, an asteroid software developer in ...

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