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Hillary vs the Donald: A Battle of Image

Upon hearing the Democratic nomination for the US Presidential race, Hillary Clinton, had reportedly enlisted the help of Anna Wintour in styling her campaign image, it begged the question: does Republican candidate Donald Trump have the same problem when he looks in the mirror and asks, who is the fairest of them all?

South Park ‘Where My Country Gone?’ review

Staying topical this episode and lets face it Matt and Trey both have a lot of material to take inspiration from at the moment, episode 2 on this season (19) parodies illegal immigration in the United States, poking particular fun at Donald Trump.

Canadians also become the butt of the joke again in this episode, who immigrate to South park to escape a certain 'populist' figure.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone perhaps make us reflect (in regards to immigration) that we are all human at the end of the day with Butter's short romance with a Canadian girl called Charlotte.

The best moment albeit kind of unrelated to the plot was the reenactment of Caitlyn Jenner's driving abilities or lack there of. Reminding us as the last episode directly did, that South Park doesn't buy into the political correctness.

While this episode tackled an issue that South Park has seen before, it delivered the fresh material and hilarity that we expect from the show.


Michelle Obama hits back at Kanye West

Once again, Kanye’s comments have landed him in trouble. But this time, it was with none other than the wife of the President of the United States of America. Rapper Kanye West, who also likes to be known as ‘Yeezus’, previously compared his wife – reality star Kim Kardashian, to the wife of the President of the Free World. The ‘Four ...

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