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Hillary vs the Donald: A Battle of Image

Upon hearing the Democratic nomination for the US Presidential race, Hillary Clinton, had reportedly enlisted the help of Anna Wintour in styling her campaign image, it begged the question: does Republican candidate Donald Trump have the same problem when he looks in the mirror and asks, who is the fairest of them all?

Theresa May strikes gold on her outfit choice for her first day at office

Theresa May stepped outside of 10 Downing Street, as the first day of her being the new Prime Minister begins. She is a replacement for previous PM, David Cameron following the controversial Brexit vote. However, not all eyes were focused on her for this reason. It appears that her outfit was the talk of the town, with her choosing to ...

‘Lemonade’ – the low-down on Beyoncés new album.

Queen B is BACK! That’s Beyoncé, the artist, to the unenlightened public. Beyoncé’s fan club aka her Beyhive, were out in force as the star released her latest album with 12 spectacular tracks.

Antibiotic Resistance ‘Bigger Threat Than Cancer?’

Antibiotic resistance is absolutely storming current news with a bold statement by UK Chancellor George Osborne that 'antibiotic resistance will become "an even greater threat to mankind than cancer" without global action. Osborne warns delegates at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) meeting in Washington that there will be an "enormous economic cost" posed by increasing antibiotic resistance by 2050.

Cumulative reports of elevated morbidity, mortality rates and the rise of treatment costs over the last decade are of several reasons why antibiotic resistance is considered to be one of the biggest threats globally to public health. It is estimated that potentially 10 million people will die as a result by 2050, overtaking the current mortality rates of approx 8 million from cancer.

Antibiotic resistance arises as a result of natural selection, which creates resistant strains capable of being indifferent to the effects of antimicrobial drugs. The resistant traits are a result of the DNA in micro-organisms mutating, and subsequently


Comment: The revenge reshuffle shows that Corbyn’s ‘new politics’ is anything but

In September, Jeremy Corbyn’s first keynote speech as leader of the Labour Party heralded a new and more democratic ‘kinder politics’. Later in the year, quizzed by a reporter on the divisions and disputes in Labour, he raised a knowing eyebrow and said: ‘You don’t understand the new politics.’ Meanwhile, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell defended the new democratic politics by ...

America Puts Boots on the Ground Against ISIS

American Defense Secretary, Ash Carter, announced on Tuesday that the United States would be putting boots on the ground in their fight against Daesh (ISIS). A new ‘expeditionary force’, to operate independently of other ground forces in the region, is being deployed in response to calls from congressional leaders and a shifting American strategy. “It puts everybody on notice in ...

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