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Explosion in Bucharest Nightclub Kills 27

An explosion in a Bucharest nightclub killed at least 27 people on Friday, sending another 180 to hospital.

Nine deaths confirmed in Gujarat caste related violence

Hardik Patel

The death toll has risen to nine as violence continues to spread across the western Indian state of Gujarat. The violence which erupted on Tuesday was sparked by the arrest of Hardik Patel, who had earlier led a rally in the city of Ahmedabad.

22-year-old Hardik Patel led the rally to demand that Patels in the state gain classification as OBCs (Other Backward Classes).

OBC is a term used by the government of India to define the collective grouping of castes and sections of society that that are socially, educationally and economically disadvantaged. The use of the caste system, a system of social stratification was thought to have loosened over the past decade and in 2010 there was a strong cry for it to be outlawed.

However Indian laws are poorly implemented and the caste system is still rife throughout India and many continue to get judged and discriminated against based on the caste they were born into.

The country’s two hundred million Dalits, formerly referred to as untouchables, continue to be the victims of heinous


Kendrick Lamar’s song is chanted by activists during a police harassment protest

The song – Alright, which is from Kendrick Lamar’s acclaimed studio album – To Pimp a Butterfly, was chanted by activists during a protest which was held at the Cleveland State University. The activists were reportedly filmed chanting the song’s lyrics during a protest that they held against the huge out-pour of police harassment cases in the US. Watch the Alright ...

Rapper YG shot at LA studio

US website TMZ has reported that the rapper was shot at a recording studio in Los Angeles. The incident occurred on Friday 12th of June during at about 1:45 am. Full name – Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson, also known as YG, recently collaborated with Fergie in her hit single ‘LA Love (La la la).’ Born in Compton, he has been ...

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