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Corbyn’s pay ratios have swung the Labour Party to the left. Now he needs to keep Cameron out of the centre

Speaking at the Fabian Society New Year Conference today, Jeremy Corbyn announced a raft of policies designed to move Labour sharply and explicitly to the left. They ranged from universal healthcare and a lifelong education service to controversial ‘pay ratios’ for businesses, to make sure ‘rewards don’t just accrue to those at the top’. The Conservatives are likely to use ...

Could the upcoming cannabis debate really make a difference?

The government has recently announced that there will be a debate in Parliament on the legalisation and sale of cannabis on Monday October 8 after a YouGov petition received over 200,00 signatures.

Iraqi Parliament Backs Government Overhaul

The Iraqi Parliament has recently voted unanimously to completely overhaul the current Government, in an attempt to combat corruption. This change, which has been described as a “radical turn for Iraq’s political system” by Shi’ite parliament member, Nadhum al-Saadi, could prove to bring the fractured communities of Iraq together, rather than pushing them further apart as has been feared. This ...

Prime Minister David Cameron reshuffles cabinet

David Cameron is completing his post election reshuffle, with a number of promotions for leading female ministers.

Amber Rudd will be Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. Priti Patel who is the MP for Witham will be promoted to the Cabinet as employment minister.

The Prime Minister will give senior roles to as many as 12 women, meaning that for the first time 1/3 of Cameron's cabinet will be female.

Boris Johnson will also attend cabinet meetings but will not be made a minister.


Prime Minister - David Cameron

David Cameron became Prime Minister in 2010 in a coalition with the LibDems. Now the Conservatives have a majority he can appoint an all conservative cabinet.

First Secretary of State and Chancellor of the Exchequer  - George Osbourne

George Osbourne will stay at his post as First Secretary of State and Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Home Secretary - Theresa May

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