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Obama to Sidestep Congress on Gun Control

President Barak Obama will announce a series of executive actions designed to reform gun laws on Tuesday, bypassing congress.

America Puts Boots on the Ground Against ISIS

American Defense Secretary, Ash Carter, announced on Tuesday that the United States would be putting boots on the ground in their fight against Daesh (ISIS). A new ‘expeditionary force’, to operate independently of other ground forces in the region, is being deployed in response to calls from congressional leaders and a shifting American strategy. “It puts everybody on notice in ...

New leak reveals Obama policy on drones

The Obama administration was this week confronted with another large intelligence data leak, as website the Intercept unveiled a cache of slides related to the US government’s use of drones.

Russian Air Strikes Hit Targets in Syria

Russian air strikes have successfully hit at least twelve targets across Syria including a Jihadi Command Centre and a Communications Hub, although Western powers cast doubt over the Russian selection of key targets.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lazrov yesterday confirmed hits on ISIS "and others" in the Russian offensive against all groups opposing Syrian President Bahar al-Asad. The strikes, which began on Wednesday, have been carried out by Su-25M and Su-25 bomber jets from the Russian military, which have now carried out around 20 sorties.

It has been confirmed that the strikes were effective in hitting its targets, with photographs from Syria showing the buildings on the ground demolished.

The strikes come as Iran and Hezbollah announced that they are sending in ground troops to battle ISIS and other groups opposing the Syrian president, such as the Free Syrian forces.

With President Putin indicating that there will be a further 3-4 months of its offensive in Syria, tensions between Russia and the UK and US are beg


Nine Killed in Mass Shooting in Oregon State

A mass shooting at a community college in the US state Oregon has left nine dead and at least seven others injured. The shooting took place on Thursday morning at around 10:45 local time, at Umpqua Community College in Rosenburg, Oregon, a small town around 180 miles south of Portland. The shooter has been unofficially identified as Chris Harper Mercer, ...

President West – sheer foolishness or courageous brilliance?

Amidst an acceptance speech for the VMA’s Lifetime Achievement Honor, Grammy Winning Music Producer and Rapper Kanye West left his cheering crowd, and of course millions of viewers, in awe; announcing his decision to run for president in 2020. Presidency? Yes, a dozen flashing images crossed our pondering minds: his famous debacle at the 2009 VMA’s bringing Taylor Swift to ...

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