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5 Rom-Com Movies For A Movie Night

The sofa is spread with blankets and cushions that are strategically positioned for the right amount of comfort. A bowl of sporadic popcorn awaits its doom. All that is needed to complete your movie-night is a great selection of Rom-com movies. Here are 5 Rom- com movies for a comedic and love-filled movie-night.   27 Dresses Katherine Heigl stars as ...

Suicide Squad Fans Declare War On Rotten Tomatoes

Warner Bros. and DC’s attempts to emulate the runaway success of Marvel’s shared cinematic universe have been uneasy, to say the least. The controversy and divisiveness of Man of Steel was only exacerbated by the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, with fans either loving or despising the efforts of Zack Snyder, very often rallying to battle each ...

What Is The September Issue All About?

Anna Wintour reading US Vogue September

Around this time of year, the glorious sight of a fashion magazines September Issue arrives on shelves, but why are they so widely publicised? Should you buy ALL the mags? Relax, we’ve got you covered.

When A Novel Becomes A Film

For decades, it seems like film directors have a radar for novels that could  become a film- fanatic or a book-worm's dream. From Bram Stroker's Dracula and F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby to John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, book-lovers have had the joy of seeing their best-loved novels transferred to the big screen. Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar and Nicola Yoon's Everything Everything are following suit.

Then enters the book-worm. 'I've seen the movie, but the book's better', said the enthusiastic book-worm. On a number of occasions, this statement holds some truth, and filming crews don't always get it right. A self- confessed appreciator of Chick Lit Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series ( the first five for me) are delightful, light-hearted and enjoyable. Then, a couple of years ago one of my bookish dreams came true. The Confessions of A Shopaholic was turned into a movie. I had high expectations which were brought lower than low, because the movie was awful.

Should some no


Suicide Squad Review

There is a hell of a lot of pressure riding on Suicide Squad, especially with Warner Bros.’ previous two efforts to kick start their DC Extended Universe striking out with critics and at the box office (relative to Marvel). Can Suicide Squad build upon the world conceived in Man of Steel and help boost this shared universe before the Justice ...

Jason Bourne Review

Nine years after the release of The Bourne Ultimatum, Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass return to the Bourne franchise, seeking to rescue it from the mediocrity of The Bourne Legacy, and reintroduce Jason Bourne as a stalwart of the modern action genre. There’s a lot of expectation from audiences, with the hope that the self-titled Jason Bourne can live up ...

Ghostbusters (2016) Review

Ghostbusters has had more than its fair share of controversy in the run up to its debut in cinemas, and remaking a classic film was always going to draw ire from fans, but the fire was stoked when it was announced that this un-wanted remake was to introduce an all female line up of ghostbusters, with the flames being fanned ...

Jason Bourne: A Return to Glory?

Jason Bourne is back. These are words that herald the return of one of the greatest modern action trilogies that has graced our screens. It was a trilogy started by Doug Liman and further realised by Paul Greengrass, with the series improving exponentially with each instalment, culminating with The Bourne Ultimatum, a near perfect way to conclude Jason Bourne’s story. ...

Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition Review

When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released way back in March, it divided fans and was met with a negative critical reaction, with most critics citing its failures in storytelling, as well as the paper thin motivations that had our heroes kicking the hell out of each other. In response to its underwhelming reception, Warner Bros announced an ...

Justice League: We’re Really, Really Sorry

It would be unfair to describe Batman v Superman as a failure. Any film that grosses over $800 million is ridiculously successful, but within the context of today’s superhero movie fever, Zack Snyder’s second entry into the DC Cinematic Universe was underwhelming. Warner Bros would have been keen to breach the $1 billion mark and make a statement of intent ...

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