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5 “Healthy” foods that are actually bad for you

By Jeshoots via Pexel

  As soon as we hear the word “healthy”, we tend to go mental. “Smoothies are healthy? Give me 3”. Even extremely healthy food can be quite bad for you if it isn’t eaten in moderation. But how about the foods that are not actually that healthy but only advertised as such. So here is the list of 5 “healthy” ...

Jamie Oliver Hosts ‘Food Revolution’ Day With Celebrity Guests.

”Every child deserves the right food to thrive” was Jamie Oliver’s slogan as he held the ‘Food Revolution‘ Day on Friday last after recently launching the campaign. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, MBE, has long been an advocate for embracing fresh food and a balanced, nourishing diet. Childhood obesity is on an ever increasing rise in the UK and Jamie believes education ...

Meet the first 100 year old lady gracing Vogue.

In a campaign for Harvey Nichols, the first ever 100 year old model, Bo Gilbert as she’s known, has graced the pages of Vogue for it’s centenary celebrations.   Ageism is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. What better way to show that off than in a high profile fashion campaign? Harvey Nichols discovered Majorie Gilbert aka Bo, through ...

Young People Abstain from Alcohol

Not drinking alcohol has many improvements on health, as well as on relationships, and young people are taking action. Being tee-total is on the increase among young people and they are drinking less than older generations:

In a study carried out by drinkaware it was found that "48% of people aged 16-24 had consumed alcohol in the past week compared with 57% of those aged 65 and over". This displays that younger people do not drink as much as it may appear.

Today you can buy alcoholic drinks at extremely low prices, for example, in some retail stores you can currently get:

- 2 litres of Taurus Dry Cider for only £1.99.

- 24x 275ml bottles of VS Vodka Drink for £16.56.

- Echo Falls 75cl Bottle of Wine for £3.99.

Although alcohol prices are pretty cheap, making it almost too easy to obtain, many students and young people are not drinking.

So why are people refraining from drinking, cutting it out of their life for good, or drinking less on nights out? Change is occurring due to


Antibiotic Resistance ‘Bigger Threat Than Cancer?’

Antibiotic resistance is absolutely storming current news with a bold statement by UK Chancellor George Osborne that ‘antibiotic resistance will become “an even greater threat to mankind than cancer” without global action. Osborne warns delegates at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) meeting in Washington that there will be an “enormous economic cost” posed by increasing antibiotic resistance by 2050. Cumulative reports of elevated morbidity, mortality ...

5 Ways to Destress Before Exams

For many people, the months of April, May and June coincide with a particularly stressful time; exams. Whether you’re finishing your final school exams, or preparing to combat looming university deadlines, this time of year can feel a little overwhelming. Here’s 5 ways to beat the exam stress and chill out a little bit. You’ll be much better prepared for ...

Situational depression? Four ways to cope.

The lights are turned dark in your room. The thought of getting up and facing another day seems unbearable. The world is coming to an end in your eyes. You lost something important to you and it means more to you now then your own sanity. Your lover has decided to move on or you’ve lost a loved one to ...

Got Fall Depression? 10 ways to enjoy your holidays!

Holidays are upon us, families are getting together, celebrations are all around us, friends are flying in from other states, holiday cards come to your mailbox. People are putting their best foot forward and singing carols to older folks. Happy children are all around us, chasing the Elf on the Shelf and writing Santa letters, begging for their current entire ...

No More Unhealthy Requests – Rosie Nelson’s Petition Finally Arrives To Downing Street

She’s young but not afraid at all to say: “No”. Australian model Rosie Nelson has been proving it since London’s Fashion Week last September, when she began to collect signatures for her petition to ensure young models’ health and therefore, preventing young models to be influenced to become extremely skinny. An idea that has ended up being presented in front of ...

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