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Cities For Food Lovers

Food plays a major role in every culture across the world. So the only way to fully immerse yourself in a country is to feed the soul. Literally. Some cities are a foodie’s paradise – offering vibrant food markets, food-from-source experiences and avant garde cooking. Here are just a few: Nicosia, Cyprus I’m slightly biased, but Cyprus is like a ...

5 top places to not miss on an Athenian holiday

Being one of the world’s oldest cities must surely be daunting, but Greece’s Athens manages to flaunt it in style. Protecting its heritage but also showcasing its modernity, the city is a visual and a historical treat to tourists and locals alike. Nestled together in perfect harmony much like a well oiled machine, these attributes blend together making Athens one ...

Video: coast guard tries to sink refugee boat

WARNING: some viewers may find this video disturbing. Refugees including children who were fleeing from war torn Syria have been caught on camera in the Aegean Sea on a rubber dinghy. Footage shows a Greek coast guard reportedly trying to pierce their boat and drown them. The video, according to reports was captured by members of the Turkish coast guard ...

Greece: Coalition Teeters After Latest Vote on Reforms

Greece’s struggling coalition government took further blows on Thursday as its majority shrank to two seats after as it pushing through the latest round of EU-mandated reforms.

One Syriza MP, Stathis Panagoulis, who abstained from the vote in protest and who was later expelled from the party, said, “my patience has run its course.”

He was joined in the political wilderness by Nikos Nikolopoulos, a member of the Independent Greeks party Anel, junior partner to Syriza in the ruling coalition.

The expulsions follow on the resignation of one of Prime Minister Tsipras’ once-close allied, Gavriel Sakellarides, who said earlier on Thursday that he could “no longer contribute to the realisation of the government’s polices.”

Mr. Tsipras’ government has faced strong opposition in passing through the reforms required to unlock foreign funds, both within and outside of the party.

After months of talks with its partners, the country was forced to accept harsh terms for an €86bn bailout, allowing it to sta

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