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Corbyn’s pay ratios have swung the Labour Party to the left. Now he needs to keep Cameron out of the centre

Speaking at the Fabian Society New Year Conference today, Jeremy Corbyn announced a raft of policies designed to move Labour sharply and explicitly to the left. They ranged from universal healthcare and a lifelong education service to controversial ‘pay ratios’ for businesses, to make sure ‘rewards don’t just accrue to those at the top’. The Conservatives are likely to use ...

UK Cannabis laws to be debated after nearly 87 years of Criminalisation

After a petition surpassed 200,000 signatures, the UK government has decided to debate cannabis laws in the House of Commons. Up for debate on the 12th of October , will be the penalties for production, sale and use of cannabis.

Illegal immigrants caught working in the UK could face jail

Under detailed plans revealed by the government, illegal immigrants caught working in the UK could face up to six months in prison.

Scores Killed by Air Strikes in Syria

War planes in Syria have killed at least 82 people and wounded over 200 more in a market place in Douma, Damascus on Sunday. The attack took place in a known rebel held neighbourhood, according to a U.K. based monitoring group.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, however, the number of casualties has since gone up, and could be as high as 96. The attack is thought to be in retaliation for the rebel attack against other neighbourhoods in Damascus, which last week killed 6.

The carnage of the scene has been described by both the BBC and Al Jazeera, with the news outlets describing the setting as "a marketplace destroyed, with surrounding buildings in ruins and vehicles on fire" and "an intersection strewn with rubble and twisted metal".


Makeshift morgues had to be created around the marketplace, with doctors and hospitals becoming overcrowded with the injured and the dying. Rumours also suggest that due to the overwhelming strain on ambulances in the area, civilian vehicles have also


Iraqi Parliament Backs Government Overhaul

The Iraqi Parliament has recently voted unanimously to completely overhaul the current Government, in an attempt to combat corruption. This change, which has been described as a “radical turn for Iraq’s political system” by Shi’ite parliament member, Nadhum al-Saadi, could prove to bring the fractured communities of Iraq together, rather than pushing them further apart as has been feared. This ...

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