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Dog Stories: How to survive life with your “bad” dog!

Dogs are a blessing. They are affectionate, sweet, and loving. They are therapeutic for anger management. They help children with special needs. They save the world as police dogs. Let’s face it; dogs serve a million positive purposes. Dogs can be smart, however some are not. Dogs can behave, although some won’t listen to a word you say. Some dogs ...

Let Winnie the Pooh cheer you up

A. A. Milne’s Winnie The Pooh has recently marked its 90th year anniversary, and who can ever forget about the adorable yellow bear and his set of wistful friends? Milne’s kids’ book-series are filled with life gems any reader can relate to even in adulthood. Wise words don’t always have to come from the mouth of eminent figures, sometimes our ...

Relationships with Love: Simpler than we think!

“I like being around you,” he says daily. “I love being around you,”she says back. They spend most of their time just enjoying the peace and quiet of the relationship. The outside world still exists but when they are together nothing can bring them down. Smiling at each other while laughing at life is a favorite pass time. The electrifying touch ...

Pets from Santa Clause: Naughty or Nice choice?

It's that time of the year again.  The Christmas lists are being written, stuffed into envelopes and mailed to Santa. Parents glance over the lists before mailing them to 1 Reindeer Lane, The North Pole. The children gleam in excitement as they await their new kitty, a puppy or a horse!

Santa Clause holds your child on his lap and looks at you anxiously as he reads this amazing list. He looks for a sign on whether or not the live animal entering your home is the best idea! You shake your head NO profusely, praying Santa understands or give the wink of approval for the beloved new animal!



Many of us explain to our children why Santa can't bring these animals. Excuses range from Santa can't fit it on his slay, elves can't make actual animals, we live in an apartment, horses can't live in an apartment, cats aren't allowed in our complex, dogs need to be walked and we are rarely here and many other reasonable reasons why another living creature can't come into our home.


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