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7 Of The Most Positively Overrated Things To Do in London

London lives up to its reputation as a global city of art, culture and commerce but with all the hype there comes a few experience that just don’t deliver.

5 Things That Make Bloomsbury The Coolest Place in London

Grab a coffee and a trench coat and enter London’s most exclusive literary haven. Writers, artists, philosophers, politicians and intellectuals have left their mark in London’s most chic neighbourhood. Bohemian coffee shops and a string of literary independents line trendy Marchmount Street whilst bars and boutiques give Lambs Conduit street that extra bit of charm. Heaven for book nerds and ...

Christmas Trees Around The Globe – In Pictures

The holidays are upon us which means cities around the world are getting their festive freak on!  

Greece: Coalition Teeters After Latest Vote on Reforms

Greece’s struggling coalition government took further blows on Thursday as its majority shrank to two seats after as it pushing through the latest round of EU-mandated reforms.

One Syriza MP, Stathis Panagoulis, who abstained from the vote in protest and who was later expelled from the party, said, “my patience has run its course.”

He was joined in the political wilderness by Nikos Nikolopoulos, a member of the Independent Greeks party Anel, junior partner to Syriza in the ruling coalition.

The expulsions follow on the resignation of one of Prime Minister Tsipras’ once-close allied, Gavriel Sakellarides, who said earlier on Thursday that he could “no longer contribute to the realisation of the government’s polices.”

Mr. Tsipras’ government has faced strong opposition in passing through the reforms required to unlock foreign funds, both within and outside of the party.

After months of talks with its partners, the country was forced to accept harsh terms for an €86bn bailout, allowing it to sta


Cameron considers new EU status for Britain

David Cameron is reportedly considering an attempt to downgrade the UK’s involvement in the EU to “associate” membership as reports emerged that he intends to vigorously attack what has been called the “Norwegian option” for British access to the single market.

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