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Egypt and Russia At Odds Over Cause of Sinai Crash

Expect a war of words between Moscow and Cairo this week, after Egyptian investigators concluded that the recent aircraft crash in the Sinai desert was most likely not the result of sabotage or terrorism, contrary to Russian claims in the six weeks since the disaster. “The technical investigative committee has so far not found anything indicating any illegal intervention or ...

EasyJet cancels ALL flights to Sharm el-Sheikh until January

Easyjet have cancelled all flights between the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh and the UK until 6 January.

Russian Plane Crash ‘Not Due to Engine Failure’

French aviation officials investigating the Russian plane crash in Egypt last week have confirmed that the incident was not caused by technical failures. The plane was taken down during its journey from Egyptian tourist resort Sharm el-Sheikh to St Petersberg last Saturday, causing all of the 224 passengers and crew on board to be killed. Earlier in the week UK ...

Chaos in Sharm el-Sheikh airport as British flights home are cancelled

In the aftermath of the devastating plane crash that claimed 224 lives on Saturday, thousands of British tourists have been stranded in Egypt after British airlines have cancelled flights too and from Sharm el-Sheikh

Confusion is reigning as thousands of stranded British tourists struggle to get home from the popular destination in the Sinai region of Egypt. This has come after easyJet has contacted the British Government over allegations that operations in Cairo have been blocking attempts to make unscheduled "rescue flights".

According to The Guardian, two easyJet flights managed to leave Sharm this morning, however other passengers were sent back to their hotels. The reason they had been given for their return, was that eight further rescue flights had been prevented from arriving by the Egyptian authorities.

EasyJet have also released a video statement on the livestreaming site, periscope, outlining their current difficulties in getting


Egyptian forces “accidentally” kill tourists.

Farafra Oasis

12 people have been killed and 10 injured, after Egyptian security forces accidently shot at a Mexican tourist convoy. Egypt’s Interior Ministry explained that both the police and the military had been chasing militants into the country’s oasis area of the western desert – bordering Libya – when it “accidentally engaged four four-wheel drives belonging to a Mexican tourist group”. ...

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