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IS Kill “Spy” Journalist Ruqia Hassan in Syria

Activists in Syria have confirmed that a philosophy student, who wrote of her experiences living in the IS-controlled city of Raqqa, has been killed by militants on the basis that she was “spying” on them. Ruqia Hassan, who used the pen-name “Nissan Ibrahim”, was killed in September, but the news only became widely known this week. Hassan was detained by ...

Egypt and Russia At Odds Over Cause of Sinai Crash

Expect a war of words between Moscow and Cairo this week, after Egyptian investigators concluded that the recent aircraft crash in the Sinai desert was most likely not the result of sabotage or terrorism, contrary to Russian claims in the six weeks since the disaster. “The technical investigative committee has so far not found anything indicating any illegal intervention or ...

Parliament Considers Motion on Syrian Airstrikes

“Hard-headed common sense.” This was the phrase Jeremy Corbyn used today to describe his opposition to a government motion seeking Parliamentary approval for air strikes in Syria. David Cameron, meanwhile, described his plan for a bombing campaign against IS as a moral responsibility and asserted that Britain could not leave it to others to act when its own security was ...

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