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A Weekend In Dublin: Your City Guide

Ireland is a small country full of remarkable, breathtaking places. One trip to its capital and it’s easy to see why Dublin is top of the list. Whatever misconception you have about Dublin, its expense or its drinking culture for example, should be noted as ill-formed. Dublin oozes culture and warmth, the perfect combination for welcome visitors. It may be small but ...

7 Reasons to visit Scotland

Talking about Scotland conjures up stereotypical images. Tartan kilts, haggis and whiskey to name a few.

24 Hours In Cardiff

Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, is a relatively small city by UK standards. Despite it’s size, however, it is Wales’ cultural and political centre, with plenty of things for tourists to see and do. It is easily accessible with it’s own airport and rail links all across the country, so it’s a great place to visit for a short ...

Fashionable Ways To Explore London This Summer



London in the summer, is there anything as beautiful in comparison?

Below, we here at Union Times have discovered a few ways you fashionistas can ramble the city in the glorious sunshine. Well, we might as well be honest, there will be rain.

From the obvious shopping and events to museums and otherwise, you'll be sure to discover a thing or two you won't forget. As always, if you have any magnificent fashion secrets* of London, be sure to leave them below.

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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Patsy and Edina have got a ''huge great bloody movie sweetie''. The star studded cast which includes Kate Moss who subsequently gets killed off, Jean Paul Gaultier, Joan Collins, Dawn French and Lulu, to name but a few, alongside Joanna Lumle

Top 10 things to do in Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile, is a city set against an awesome backdrop. The snowcapped mountains of the Andes on the horizon contrast with the modern skyscrapers that criss-cross the city vista.

West End Live – Over 30 Shows in One Weekend

Tickets to West end shows are becoming increasingly higher priced. Add the cost of a programme, refreshments and possibly merchandise from the show you’re seeing, and there’s a reason that this sort of entertainment is not high on priority lists, even though it may be on wish lists! So, if you could see over 30 top West End shows on one stage ...

The power of music: Farinelli and the King

Farinelli and the King, showing at the Duke of York Theatre, is a powerful and evocative celebration of music and the arts. It is also that rare and brilliant thing: a true work of art in itself. Written by Claire van Kampen and directed by John Dove, it tells the story of the reclusive Spanish king Phillippe V. Mentally unstable ...

Man Booker International Super Award

Reported in The Guardian, one of the nation’s most respected literary award bodies, the Man Booker has announced that it will be awarding a new annual prize for foreign-language fiction for both writers and translators.

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