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15 Photos of The Most Amazing Places on Earth

It’s time to get your bank account in order because some of these places are about to give you serious wanderlust. From rural Europe to the towering

Five Things You Must Do at Niagara Falls

An unstoppable flow of water falls from the arching 50 meter precipice into the Niagara river with a deafening and thundering force. Vast icy mist clouds swirl for hundreds of metres in the air like an ethereal veil, concealing the epic rift behind the powerful torrent.Two friends of mine waved their hands in front of my eyes. To them I stood motionless, paralysed from foot to toe - in my mind an opera of emotions exploded sending shivers down the great plains of my spine. I broke out of my trance, stumbled over and whispered to a Canadian friend, 'is this real?'

Thousands of people make the pilgrimage to one of the most powerful network of waterfalls in the world, hypnotised by its epic grandeur and turbulent beauty - day or night, Niagara falls never fails to amaze. With over 12-million annual visitors, there's no doubt that these falls should be sitting at the top of your travel bucket list. The town, whilst attractive in parts is not as impressive. Tacky and cheap amusement attractions, sleazy motels and overpriced restaurants - a little Vegas you might think but


20 heavenly hideaways you’ve probably never heard of – Part 1

Are you always on the lookout for the next up-and-coming city escape? Do you live to tramp unfettered landscapes before the crowd descends? Over the next month we’ll bring you awe-inducing and unique locations to add to that ever-growing bucket list. Here’s five to start you off…

5 Oscar Inspired Travel Destinations

A good movie succeeds by transporting you to a new world, immersing you in a new place with interesting characters and often, spectacular scenery. Last week was all about the Oscars, so what better place to get some travel inspiration? Here’s 5 places to travel, inspired by the Academy Award nominees:

5 Destinations for a White Christmas

Christmas is synonymous with many things: presents, Christmas trees, turkeys and at least in the Northern Hemisphere, winter. Short days and cold air foster the festive spirit, the allure of a white Christmas represented in films, TV shows and advertisements. Switch up your Christmas traditions this year and head for the snow. Waking up to a snowy Christmas morning is ...

South Park ‘Where My Country Gone?’ review

Staying topical this episode and lets face it Matt and Trey both have a lot of material to take inspiration from at the moment, episode 2 on this season (19) parodies illegal immigration in the United States, poking particular fun at Donald Trump.

Four abducted by gunmen at Philippines resort

Two Canadian tourists, a Norwegian resort manager and a local Filipino woman were kidnapped by gunmen near Davao City on Mindanao Island, a popular resort island in the southern Philippines. The Canadian male victims have been identified as John Ridsdel and Robert Hall and the Norwegian resort manager is Kjartan Sekkingstad. The identity of the kidnapped Filipino woman hasn’t yet ...

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