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Obama Visits Cuba

Barack Obama yesterday became the first sitting president of the United States to visit Cuba since 1928, and the only one to meet with its president on home soil since Fidel Castro came to power at the height of the Cold War. The president is accompanied by a host of American notables, including members of Congress and business leaders, despite ...

Republicans Condemn Obama Plan To Visit Cuba

White House sources have told reporters that Barack Obama will do something no president has done since 1928; the 44th president will travel to Cuba “in the next few weeks”. Many news outlets are already labelling the proposed trip “historic”: it has been almost ninety years since a President of the United States made the journey to the small Communist outpost ninety miles from the coast of the most ...

Obama Attacks Republican Plans to Block Syrian Refugees as Cowardly and Offensive

Barack Obama has issued a sharp rebuke to Republicans after a number of them mooted refusing asylum to Syrian refugees in response to the recent attacks in Paris. Since Friday, Republicans in Congress have begun preparing legislation that would suspend a scheme specifically designed to assist Syrian refugees. In a similar vein, fifteen state governors (including one Democrat) have sought ...

Russia considers joining anti-IS airstrikes

Russia is considering whether to join the US and its allies in conducting airstrikes at Islamic State targets.

Mr Putin spoke to Barack Obama on the sidelines at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on Monday. However the speeches at the meeting highlighted the differences in opinions of how to end the conflict.

While Russia said it would be an "enormous mistake" not to work with Syria's President Bashar al-Assad to tackle IS, the US and France have both stated that President Assad must go.

Russia would conduct airstrikes against IS, but only if the strikes were approved by the UN, they have also ruled out Russian troops taking part in ground operations in Syria.


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