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‘Book Of The Stranger’ – Game Of Thrones: S6, Ep4, Spoiler-Free

The series of unfortunate events that is ‘Game Of Thrones’ is no stranger to feelings of despair, loathing, heartache, not to mention that admittedly sadistic little kick we all seem to get at every so-called ‘beautiful death’. With this series’ latest chapter however, is ‘The Song Of Ice And Fire’ finally adding a tune of hope to its sombre symphony? ...

Game of Thrones Season Six Premiere Review – The Red Woman

Spoilers for previous seasons of Game of Thrones and this episode to follow. You’d be hard pressed to find a television series that has taken the world by storm as much as Game of Thrones has. What started in 1996 with George R.R. Martin penning the first book of the Song of Ice and Fire series has developed into a ...

Game of Thrones Author Reassures Fans Following Death of Namesake

When it was announced yesterday that George Martin – the music producer dubbed the Fifth Beatle by Paul McCartney – had died, music fans across the world expressed their sadness. For some fantasy fans, however, the response was shock and dismay. Due to a combination of not knowing who Martin was and not reading their Twitter feeds with due care ...

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