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Why Mattijs van Bergen and Oeri van Woezik’s latest creation is helping the LGBT community in a big way

It is apparent that over 72 countries in the world still have not legalised homosexuality, which is shocking. If this hasn’t alarmed you yet, then this will. It has emerged that 12 out of these 72 countries are executing the death penalty if you are found out to be gay. To represent this, a collaboration happened between fashion designer Mattijs ...

Selfridges Open Their Christmas Shop

Staff at Selfridges set up Christmas Shopping Shop 2016

We know, we know! Don’t blame the messenger but we must inform you that yes, Selfridges have indeed kicked off the 2016 festivities by opening their Christmas shop in August. You can read more below ✋

My Chemical Romance are re-releasing an album!

Every emo kid of the 2000’s will be screaming in unison right now! My Chemical Romance have teased that they are re-releasing their album ‘The Black Parade’, after a 3 year gap from their original disbandment. The news was announced via a video which was released on Twitter last night, which created a storm and went viral. As well as ...

Jeffree Star fights back after Kat Von D’s money owing claims

So it appears that professional make up artists Kat Von D and Jeffree Star have gone to war on social media. This is all due to an accusation that Von D has made about Star, saying that apparently he never paid back the creator of his artwork for the brand, BJ Betts but he declines this. The feud has erupted, with her saying that she even regrets giving Jeffree contacts in order for him to develop his own make up range, Jeffree Star Cosmetics as revealed in a YouTube video. She also stated that she believes that she helped to create him into a "money-driven monster", which she wishes had never happened. Below is the YouTube video she uploaded, explaining her side of the story.

However, last night Jeffree Star uploaded a YouTube video in response to Von D's claims. He explains that he was "shocked to see someone that he has known for 10 years, do something so aggressive." and also states that some of the claims she made were "not true". Star says that strangers have found contact details of his family members and have been "sending death


Kanye and Taylor go to war over controversial ‘Famous’ lyrics

So there is beef between Taylor Swift and Kanye West… who would have thought it?! This apparent war between the music stars came around after the recent publication of Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian’s lengthy story on Snapchat. This story showed Kanye having a phone call with Taylor, discussing one of his recent songs named ‘Famous’. This is a song that ...

Theresa May strikes gold on her outfit choice for her first day at office

Theresa May stepped outside of 10 Downing Street, as the first day of her being the new Prime Minister begins. She is a replacement for previous PM, David Cameron following the controversial Brexit vote. However, not all eyes were focused on her for this reason. It appears that her outfit was the talk of the town, with her choosing to ...

Cannes Film Festival 2016 – Red Carpet

The Photocalls and Opening Ceremony for the 69th Cannes Film Festival, 2016 took place yesterday evening, Wednesday. Woody Allen premièred his new star studded film ‘Café Society’ at the Opening Ceremony for the 69th Cannes Film Festival, 2016. Actors and actresses involved in the 1930’s set movie include Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart, Jessie Eisenberg and Corey Stoll (pictured above, far ...

4 movies to watch in May

The month of May is looking to be a great one in terms of the movies that will be hitting the big screen. So, if you’re looking for something to watch but aren’t quite sure what’s going to be available, here’s a run down of some of the latest movies that are coming to the cinema!   X-Men: Apocalypse X-Men: ...

The viral Facebook fruit puzzle: thought you knew the answer? think again

This is driving Facebook crazy today … — ∞ Thighler Perry ∞ (@_aquemini) January 31, 2016 The algebra puzzle above has been going around Facebook, driving people mad. The apple represents 10, as 3 x apples = 30. So if one apple (10)  plus 2 x bananas = 18, then the banana bunch must be the number 4. A banana bunch (4) ...

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