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Superbowl: Movie Trailers

Well, the Superbowl took place on Sunday night and us Brits took one of two opposing stances. We either became instant NFL experts, staying up all night to watch a steroid imbued athlete take the rugby ball 2 yards and then stop for an advert OR we completely ignored the whole silly affair. If my enthusiastic description wasn’t enough of a clue, I was in the latter camp, however the Superbowl also gives us an alluring sneak peek at the best and biggest films coming out this year, and here are a few of my thoughts.

Captain America: Civil War

Let’s start off with an easy one. Civil War is easily my most anticipated movie of the year, giving us a first trailer that was phenomenal accompanied by posters and teasers that overwhelm me with goosebumps. And this latest teaser was no different, whether it was Tony Stark surviving a shooting in a particular innovative way or any lingering shot of Black Panther, this trailer continues Marvel’s good work of keeping me pumped for the next entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Please, just don’t give me any Spider-Man before April 29th.

Jason Bourne

This trailer heralds the comeback of one of the best modern action franchises, as Matt Damon returns as the forgetful Jason Bourne. “My God, it’s Jason Bourne”, a piece of dialogue that has featured in every Bourne movie. At what point are the CIA going to stop being surprised by his return? They literally have intelligence in their name. Anyway, there is plenty of shirtless punching to be had in this first TV spot, as well as regular punching – you can’t argue that returning director Paul Greengrass doesn’t know how to keep things fresh. To be honest, I’m just happy that Bourne is back.

X-Men: Apocalypse

If the latest teaser trailer was any indication, then there will be ample destruction to be ogled at in X:Men Apocalypse AKA the film that Oscar Isaac will almost certainly steal. There’s not a lot in this teaser to differentiate it from the first full trailer released a couple months back, except we were treated to our first look at fan favourite Psylocke as she cut through a car as easily as the Broncos cut through the Panther’s defence. I don’t actually know whether that statement is true by the way, I just googled who won the game. My worry for X-Men: Apocalypse, as showcased in the trailer, is that we are being introduced (or re-introduced) to a whole new cast of characters who threaten to take focus away from the characters we have grown to care about over the last two movies AS WELL AS giving Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse his deserved time.

Independence Day: Resurgence

The Independence Day teaser made the destruction witnessed in the X-Men trailer seem small and mild by comparison. Except Independence Day abandons any pretence that it will feature nuanced characters and instead just drops one city on top of another unsuspecting city, in a feat of explosion that would make Michael Bay jealous. I mean, you earn brownie points for giving Jeff Goldblum a lead role about 10 years after he (unjustly) stopped being relevant but if you are just going to treat this movie like an angry toddler treats his Lego set, then we have nothing more to talk about Independence Day.

 Jungle Book

I was so ready to be uncharacteristically cynical and sarcastic about the Jungle Book trailer, the longest teaser that the Superbowl had to offer, and I have nothing. The cinematography looks great, the cast sound phenomenal and the films looks to balance drama and humour perfectly. I kind of lost a bit of faith in Jon Favreau after Cowboys vs Aliens and that second Iron Man movie that I don’t really want to talk about, but this looks like a true return to blockbuster form for the director. We are still getting two totally different Jungle Book films in the space of a year, which really isn’t cool, guys.

Batman vs Superman

And the award for most shameless Superbowl trailer goes to Batman vs. Superman! Shocker. Do you want to see tantalizing new footage of Batman and Superman going toe to toe? Too bad, here’s a Turkish Airlines advert instead.




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