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Stephen Hawking: ‘I would consider assisted suicide’

Physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking said that he would consider ending his life through assisted suicide if he became to difficult for his family to take of or if he had “nothing more to contribute”.
“To keep someone alive against their wishes is the ultimate indignity. I would consider assisted suicide only if I were in great pain or felt I had nothing more to contribute but was just a burden to those around me,” Hawking told comedian Dara O’Briain for an upcoming television piece on the BBC.

O’Briain said Hawking, 73 gave“impressively honest answers” in the programme.

Hawking has spoken before on assisted suicide and backed a parliamentary bill that would allow doctors to provide a lethal dose to those that are terminally ill with 6 months left to live.


Assisted dying as it is referred to in the United Kingdom is currently illegal.

Hawking was also the subject  of the Oscar-nominated “The Theory of Everything” staring Eddie Redmayne as Stephen and Felicity Jones .

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