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It’s Official, UFC 205 Is Looking To Produce The Most Lucrative Event In UFC History

Roll back a few months ago and UFC 200 looked to be the most exciting and anticipated event in the company’s history. However, after issues regarding Connor McGregor and Jon Jones failing a drug test, the most eagerly awaited event ended-up being a bit ‘lacklustre’. That said, it was still an enjoyable event and there were some exciting matches, yet, ...

WWE SummerSlam 2016: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly- Did Brock Lesnar go off-script with a ‘deliberate elbow’?

This year’s SummerSlam was an odd one. The card was filled with mediocre matches, bizarre results and the crowd didn’t help either. Was there a deliberate elbow from Lesnar, causing Orton’s forehead to split open? There were some matches that wowed the viewers and some that left us confused. Here’s a look at the matchs, results and general performance of ...

Ivy Park’s Summer Collection

Alongside retail giant Topshop, Beyoncé was the driving force in the creation of Ivy Park; an empowering athleisure label, now with over 115 alternate pieces from leggings to bodysuits and parkas to sliders. Here we take a look at what the Ivy Park summertime collection has to offer.

Caitlyn Jenner lands her first ‘Sports Illustrated’ cover.

Caitlyn Jenner is set to land her first Sports Illustrated cover since her transition. She previously appeared on the magazine after her win in the Olympics in 1976.

On the 40th anniversary and in celebration of Caitlyn Jenners record setting win at the Olympic games in Montreal in 1976, she will appear on a summer cover of Sports Illustrated reportedly wearing her gold medal and the American flag only.

The 'I Am Cait' star is rivalling her ex-wife, Kris Jenner, as she previously posed topless in the reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians (2007), sporting a gold medal following with Caitlyns stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian West, also appearing nude on the cover of Paper magazine in 2014 attempting to break the internet.

Caitlyn (pictured above) was recently nominated amongst Times' 100 most influential people in the world for her courage and work for equality in the LGBT community and was highly praised for it. Caitlyn first revealed herself as a woman to the public when she shot an exclusive Vanity Fair cover


Ivy Park, the collaboration rollercoaster.

As yet another high street retailer attains a famous face in our Queen, Beyoncé, we check out whether it’s just your average endorsed collection hanging on the rails. Beyoncé is one of the modern day stars that puts everything and all into anything she creates. However, from the moment her album & tour ‘Formation’ was announced, she was met with some criticism. Ivy ...

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