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Sports Personality: Who are you picking?

On Sunday the nation will decide who it wants to win the annual popularity contest that is Sports Personality of the Year. In past years viewers have been forced to scrape the barrel following barren spells of British success, with previous winners including Michael Owen and David Beckham- purely for doing their job. However 2015 has been a golden year with a myriad of winners to ...

Video: moment airport workers welcomed home New Zealand rugby stars with the Haka

This is the moment airport workers at Auckland on Wednesday performed the haka on the tarmacto welcome the All Blacks return home after winning the rugby world cup at the weekend.

New Zealand- forever on top of World Rugby

The legendary All-Blacks, led by captain Richie McCaw won their second Rugby World Cup at Twickenham on Saturday after defeating Australia 34-17. They are the first team to ever win two consecutive World Cup titles.

Rugby urged to be made safer

World Rugby's chief medical officer told the BBC that the sport's rules will have to change in order to reduce concussions.

The cases of reported concussions in rugby have doubled in the past five years and a UK expert has claimed that on average one player will suffer a brain injury at every Six Nations' match.

Only one in 10 concussions result in a loss of consciousness and concussion can cause dizziness, nausea, memory loss and personality change. Persisting symptoms can cause post-concussion syndrome, which can lead to depression and personality changes lasting days, weeks or months.

The chief medical officer said: "Player welfare is about identifying what the risk is and then bringing about change.

"There's no doubt that the biggest area that we know where concussion is going to occur is in the tackle, so that will help us to look at the tackle and see what we can do to make it safer.

"My job is to identify risk and then look for solutions and then present those solutions to the law-makers to make the ch

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