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It’s Official, UFC 205 Is Looking To Produce The Most Lucrative Event In UFC History

Roll back a few months ago and UFC 200 looked to be the most exciting and anticipated event in the company’s history. However, after issues regarding Connor McGregor and Jon Jones failing a drug test, the most eagerly awaited event ended-up being a bit ‘lacklustre’. That said, it was still an enjoyable event and there were some exciting matches, yet, ...

Hiking for dummies: how to prepare yourself

Whether you go to photograph nature, reconnect with Mother Earth, challenge yourself or just out of obligation, trekking over the course of a few days isn’t for the light hearted. It takes several cold nights, blisters and litters of sweat to really get to the bottom of it and every minute might not be enjoyable. But if as autumn creeps upon us, ...

Guardiola’s Manchester City off to a flying start

Just over a month ago the English Premier League (EPL) made its long-awaited return to many men’s happiness and many women’s despair, leading to Carlberg’s sales figures’ increase after two slow months and Gary Lineker’s return as the most-watched man on television on Saturday evenings. Despite the earliness of the season, Manchester City has already proven its serious potential as future title holder with ...

Mancunian derby match: clash of the titans

After a very turbulent summer transfer window and two teams today worth over £320 million, this Saturday's clash seeing Manchester United face Manchester City already promises to be one of the highlights of this Premier League season.

At home at Old Trafford, the Red Devils are fearing no one. Stronger under the management of the former Chelsea manager José Mourinho, the northerners have had a fantastic transfer window. Already strenghtened with the addition of the Swedish self-proclaimed-god that is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, they more recently treated themselves with the Euros 2016 sensation Paul Pogba, 23 years-old french striker and officially world's most expensive transfer with a selling price of £89.3 million from Juventus.

The striker and midfielder are set to start the game along with the british wunderkind Marcus Rashford who shined during the U-21 World Cup qualifiers' opener by scoring a hat-trick helping smash Norway 6-1 just yesterday. Deprived of a Champions League participation after finishing 5th last season, the team is all in for th


What to expect in this year’s Barclays Premier League Season

After being occupied by the Euros earlier this summer and currently being entertained by the ongoing Olympics, our wait for the Premier League is now over and there is a significant amount of optimism (more than usual) that is co-existing with the start of this season. With a host of high profile managers, along with a number charismatic and flamboyant ...

Euro 2016- The Tournament Where Football Won

As the dust finally settles on what came across as quite an underwhelming tournament in France, we can now look at how football finally won on the day. Before the tournament, much was made on the terrorism threat after the Paris attacks on the 13th November 2015, and although there were controlled explosions outside of the grounds, the terrorists didn’t ...

Ivy Park’s Summer Collection

Alongside retail giant Topshop, Beyoncé was the driving force in the creation of Ivy Park; an empowering athleisure label, now with over 115 alternate pieces from leggings to bodysuits and parkas to sliders. Here we take a look at what the Ivy Park summertime collection has to offer.

Roy Hodgson – Proactive or Reactive?

After a stunning second half performance in the Euro 2016 Group B game against Wales saw England triumph 2-1, manager Roy Hodgson was praised for his ruthless half-time changes which altered the course of the game in his sides favour. However, with many calling for these changes to be made prior to the game, I ask whether Hodgson was proactive ...

Deschamps: Racist or not racist, that is so not the question!

The Real Madrid striker slammed the France coach for leaving him out of the the squad and the president of the nation’s football federation is disappointed with his outburst.   Indeed, the decision came as a surprise as the Real Madrid player had just won the Champion’s league the previous Saturday. Benzema takes the blame on Didier Deschamps, French ...

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