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South Park: Safe Space review

This episode focuses on something you can’t escape if you’re on social media (most of us) – fat shaming and charity shaming.

South park have really hit the nail on the head this season with its parodies of politically correct culture, in its typical crass style. But we would be shocked if such an ‘un-politically correct’ show would not deal with such a topic.

The episode starts with Cartman, upset at the comments he received about his weight when he posts a photo on his social media channels, thinking he was ripped. He then employs Butters as his personal social media censor to remove any nasty comments from his feed. This echoes the ‘curvy is beautiful’ campaigns in a hilarious way or any hashtag campaign where the poster gets a dose of reality once it goes live.


Trey Parker and Matt Stone  basically show us that its a brutal world online, where anyone can comment.

It is pretty hilarious that reality is personified as an actual, person who is the antagonist of Cartman, Vin Diesel, Demi Lovato and  Steven Seagal all who can’t take criticism on their twitter accounts, preferring to be in their safe space. WYOYyKs

Randy also has to deal with ‘charity shaming’ whenever he shops at Whole Foods. “Would you like to donate a dollar to help feed starving children” the cashier asks. “Not today, thanks,” Randy replies followed by a condescending guilt attack by the zealous clerk.


Unfortunately another hamster won’t be going to college.

The episode concludes after a sing along about safe spaces, by essentially executing the reality character (modeled on the child snatcher?).


‘Safe Space’ is a great South Park episode, particularly the hilarious Randy charity shaming plot, which connects with something we have all experienced.

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