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SNAP, Crackle and Rock ‘n’ Role: Rockers sing BIG in aid for Special Needs and Parents

The current representational view of the world right now is pretty grim. From my recent experiences, most of what I’ve been reading/seeing contains violence, natural disaster and the political ‘satire’ that is happening in certain countries. Now, I know these are not the only things happening in the world during this present time, yet, it just feels like at times, the bad suppresses the good. This is why, I was really eager to cover this charitable gig. From my personal opinion, I feel the population within our  society, us as a Human race, don’t do enough for one another. A big thumbs up to everyone out in the world helping in any way they can, I just feel more can be done. Which is what this article’s about, Thursday the 13th of October at Asylum, Chelmsford, Essex, a group of Rockers assembled together to perform their songs in aid for the charity SNAP.



SNAP (Special Needs And Parents) is a registered charity (No.1077787) that helps Essex families with children and young people who have any special need or disability. Their aims are to inform, encourage and support parents, so they can grow in strength and knowledge and become better equipped to give the best possible help to their children. It really is a fantastic charity and if your interested, the charity’s contact details will follow at the bottom of this article.

The night itself had some amazing sets with the atmosphere being a very convivial one. Each band were very supportive with each other which made it a really good night. The theme was mostly Heavy Metal with the bands producing some hardcore and enjoyable tracks which ended up packing out the venue!


The Bands’ whom performed were as followed:

Oceans Aside

Collapse the sky



Each band brought their own unique ‘swagger’ to the event and I managed to speak to all three of them whom were all friendly and very supportive with the charity- the event managing to raise an impressive £217.  I was with Fatality for most of their sound check and they really rock! I spoke to the vocalist, Josh Abbott who told me how the band formed. Josh- ‘We were formed in summer 2015 by 3 best mates Gareth Josh and Chris, we wrote and recorded our self-titled EP and recruited Will who joined the band playing bass. Since then we have been playing as many gigs as we can, in order to bring as many people as possible to the EP launch’ If you are interested in Fatality, check out their Facebook- 

and their upcoming gigs are:

25th November @ Rayleigh Mill

Friday 2nd December @ Asylum     

Overall it was a worthwhile night showing how, as a collective, we can really produce those special moments and out of nothing this charity managed to raise over £200 which will support families across the county of Essex. If you want to know any more about SNAP- their contact details are:

Telephone: 01277 211300

Email: [email protected] 



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