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Shrek’s Adventure – The Land of Far Far Away Comes to the South Bank

Far Far Away has popped up on the South Bank, a stone’s throw away from the London Eye and with much to delight youngsters on a family day out. Shrek’s Adventure landed in London last year and it’s one of Merlin’s top attractions. You can meet characters from the popular film and their friends from other DreamWorks movies, and the journey begins on a 4D magic bus. Did I mention that the bus flies? That it’s driven by a talking donkey? No? Well don’t let that put you off, it’s all part of the fun!

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The Muffin Man and Donkey Photo Credit: Shrek’s Adventure

Prices are predictably at a premium at peak times with £18.90 the cheapest advance online purchase ticket for adults and £15.30 for children over the age of 3. It’s worth paying the advance online price and getting there before 10:45 or after 15:00. A spontaneous on the door purchase would cost a minimum of £27.00 for an adult and £21.85 for a child. You can, of course obtain discounts if you combine with a rail card or other Merlin attractions, always worth looking at.

Myself and my young family opted to pay in advance and arrive for 10:15, the queue was short and it was no time at all before we were in the lift being greeted by a cheeky little character from the film. The pathway to the lift is lined with props and posters and there is an official photo opportunity, too.

The attraction itself moves along smoothly with the 4D bus ride being a particular highlight and the journey to find Shrek takes many interesting turns with interactions that delighted visitors, young and old. There are some excellent performers forming part of the team and it’s rather like stepping into Disneyland Paris (on a much smaller scale of course), you forget you’re on the South Bank and you become part of the film.

Overall I would rate the experience as a nine out of 10, the only reason for the one point loss is the pressurised sales of the photographic merchandise at the end of the attraction. You are handed the bound book containing most of the pictures that have been taken as you progressed around Far Far Away and sent straight to a sales person. There’s almost no escape from it and if you aren’t prepared to pay the over-inflated price or indeed hadn’t budgeted for it, I think it would spoil the trip. We were armed with money to buy the book, but it was £25 in total, and that was the smallest package price, too.

However, it’s a great kids’ day out and well worth the £18.90 each (our lad is 2 so he was in for free), it lasts around 1 1/2 hours, so paying any more, in my opinion, is not necessary. My advice? Check out those deals and book before you go!

Have a magical time in Far Far Away and enjoy meeting the other DreamWorks movie characters, too.


Feature Photo credit: Shrek’s Adventure


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