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Should we really ban the IPads in the classroom?



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The introduction of the iPaD from primary schools, has allowed even very young children to take advantage of a computer. Its portable format and fast load-up time has made it possible for them to be used easily in the classroom.There is no doubt regarding its efficiency as it includes many positive aspects to improve children’s learning in a modern and very quick way. However, can we say that Ipads depersonalized teaching  from teachers? Is it good for the kids to be in front of a screen on top of the time they spend it at home ?Finally,can they lose their communication and social skills?

The iPad in the classroom brings education to life. Children have endless access to valuable information such as a dictionary and thesaurus  which previously were only available in printed format. Through the internet, it is very handy for them to type a word and get access to its meaning. This tool provides an easy solution for these kids who  do not need to make a lot of effort as the previous generations used to do. Indeed, most of the children both in primary and secondary can not find a word in a dictionary or Theasurus  independently. We can wonder  if the Ipad has a risk to emphazise pupils’ laziness and lack of proactivity on a long term basis?


The use of iPads has encouraged greater sharing of resources among teachers. All communication with parents is now done by email. Working as a group in class is much easier as children can share documents. Children who previously did not have access to the internet at home are given the same opportunities as their peers. The whole class can look at one child’s work by attaching the iPad to the interactive whiteboard. If a child has forgotten their textbook, the teacher can take a photograph of the relevant page and send it to the student in class. I am myself  a Qualified Teacher and I  think that the Ipad is without a doubt a real gain of time in terms of lesson plan. Nevertheless, it is absolutely obvious to say that  we are losing  the core of our communication skills using a tool by proxy. Indeed, the basics are gone : no eye contact, no lovely smile just plain and cold information with the Ipad revolution. Will  these children get  in a few years time all the skills needed to be fully successful  both on a professional,social and personal plan? I am not so sure about it.

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