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Shooting at Savannah University Campus

Savannah University was on lockdown last night after a man was shot on campus. According to reports, a fight broke out between two men outside the student union before shots were fired. The man was taking to a nearby hospital where he was being treated for a gunshot wound. This is the latest in a series of violent crimes in the Georgia district over the last three years.

The police force and university enforced a lockdown on campus as the crime scene was examined and the shooter was searched for. As of now, the shooter is yet to be caught as local police and university faculty members worked with eye witnesses.

The lockdown lasted over two hours and although it has been lifted, students were advised to remain in their dorms until further notice. The shooting comes almost exactly two years after another shooting incident on the university campus, in which Nicholas Rashad Cox was charged with the shooting of a university student.


The Savannah area has struggled with crime in recent years, this April saw two people killed and one more injured in two separate shootings close to the university campus. In 2014, a 14-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by a male near the university.

The Savannah State University students organised a march in 2008 to raise awareness of sexual assault within the community, with the local government forming support groups to help victims speak out against their attackers.

The shooting comes just a matter of days after two news workers were killed live on air in Virginia by a gunman who then shot himself after a police chase. Calls for the government to act on gun laws have reached a new high in the United States, with nationwide superstore Walmart yesterday announcing plans to end sales of semi-automatic rifles.

The gun control debate has raged on for years with tensions between the government and associations like the NRA set to reach new highs over the coming months as large majority’s of the country call for a reform on gun laws.

The university is still on lockdown and the shooter is still at large. Police and university staff have advised students not to travel to classes today in the aftermath of last night’s events.

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