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Shark Week: 6 of the most famous sharks to bite our screen

As we are in the heart of Shark Week, I thought it would be a nice addition to explore 6 famous sharks that have graced our screens. If you are unware of what Shark Week is, let me explain: Shark Week is an annual, week-long TV series created by Tom Golden at the Discovery Channel, which if you hadn’t already guessed by the name, features shark-based shows and documentaries, which started on the 26th of June-concluding on the 3rd of July. Sharks are the most misunderstood creatures in the ocean and what this series provides for its audience, is a celebration of life for these big fish. Instead of fearing these species that conquer our seas, we should instead be fascinated by them, be in awe of their dominance, so let’s get this list underway!


Okay so this is a multiple of sharks rather than the one, but I found it hard not to include it in our list. Whether you love this film or not, it seems to have become a cult hit; I mean a tornado, full of sharks and some rather cheesy acting, what is there not to love? Well apart from the terrible special effects and the way every law of physics is just thrown out the window, when this film launched, everyone couldn’t stop talking about it. It’s also worth noting that it must have made some sort of success otherwise there wouldn’t be another two additions to the franchise!


The reason why Lenny (Jack Black) makes this list is purely because he’s the complete opposite to what we regard as the norm of sharks. He’s adorable, kind-hearted, comical and harmless. There’s nothing to fear about this character, all he wants is the best for his friends and family, he makes you want to just hug him every time he appears on screen. It’s a nice transition to what we’re use to when thinking about sharks and his relationship with Oscar (Will Smith) is fun and quirky providing some short lived entertainment.


So you could say that this specific shark is too ‘new’ to enter this list, however, with the film off to a roaring start at the box office, having grossed $7 million in the US on Friday alone and with some critics claiming that this is the best shark movie to hit our screens since Jaws, I felt it had enough to enter 4th spot. The trailer looks awesome shwowing a vast amount of thrills and suspense and if that’s not enough, the film currently has a fresh 74% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with nearly every reviewer highlighting Blake Lively’s acting performance as a career best (supporting Oscar for the shark maybe?). It looks like a killer of a film, so be sure to catch it when it’s released on the 12th of August in the UK, or if your reading this across the pond, it currently in theatres State side


This shark most definitely deserves to be on the list, I mean not a lot of people or animals in this case has the audacity to confront Batman and if it wasn’t for the Dark Knight’s oceanic repellent bat spray, I think we would be seeing a different outcome! Nonetheless, most people have seen or know about this iconic scene which is why it deserves the 3rd spot.


It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like Finding Nemo, with a compelling storyline and some unique characters, it’s hard not to enjoy this film. One of these unique character’s is none other than Bruce (Barry Humphries). Bruce is just the perfect shark, minding his own business with his fellow peers only to find our lovely Dory and Marlin. From here we get a really lovely scene with the party, Bruce conducting a class to why sharks shouldn’t eat fish, the way Bruce is portrayed in this film is perfectly done, the way he is directed, the dialogue and voice actor is spot on, especially when Bruce ‘turns’ after inhaling the blood from Dory really makes an enjoyable scene.


Surprise, surprise, Jaws makes the top list and rightly deserved. This is one of the most iconic movies to hit our screens, giving thanks to a very big shark! Steven Spielberg’s 1975 feature film ushered the wave of the shark genre, making it one of the most popular genre’s to watch. Despite it now dated effect’s, back then it was considered a terrifying film which can be relatable to real life! Sharks can be anywhere and this specific shark got the population scared of going into the water, but everything about this film makes it the classic that it is. The score, the on-going battle between Brody (Rob Scheider), Cinematography etc. All in all, this is the greatest shark film to ever exist and that’s why it gets the number one spot. Oh and if you were wondering, the reason why Jaws is called Bruce, is simply because that was the name of Spielberg’s Lawyer at the time, which what made him want to call the shark Bruce!

Well that concludes the list of some of the most famous shark to appear in film, do you agree? Or do you think there are other noticeable sharks out in Hollywood that I’ve missed out on the list? Also be sure to catch some of the remaining features during this annuals Shark Week as the team from the Discovery Channel really bring to life the world sharks live in, making some entertaining and educational shows.




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