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Shakespeare’s Verona in a day!

One look at this lush green town and you would understand why Shakespeare set his tragic Romeo and Juliet fiction in this gorgeous city .

Verona is where romance comes alive and thrives like the luscious river Nile. Add together some delectable Italian food and there is no better place to be than here this summer.

Here’s a look at its most famous sights –

  • Verona Arena

Set in one of the two popular piazzas, Piazza Bra, this Roman amphitheater was built way back in the 1st century and much acclaimed for hosting large scale operas especially the Verona Opera festival every year. This majestic arena can accommodate over 15,000 people and displays stunning performances every summer well worth going to.

Definitely a must-do for tourists who visit Italy!

  • Castelvecchio

A museum and a castle all in one, this monument’s red brick walls are hard to miss. Constructed in 1354, this castle was an important military construction in its time. Now converted into a museum, it houses an impressive art collection mostly of the Roman times.

A short walk from the castle is the marvellous Castelveccio bridge built across the river Adige.

  • Basilica of San Zeno

Verona has Romeo & Juliet’s eternal love interwoven in curious places. Only someone as enchanting and detailed a story teller as Shakespeare could conjure and make this love as real as fiction can be. This basilica’s crypt is famed  for being the place where the couple get married before they met their tragic end.

In reality however, this basilica was built in memory of the city patron saint and is another splendid example of Roman architecture.

  • Piazza delle Erbe

A bustling market square, the piazza is lined with numerous cafes and restaurants along its streets offering delicious Italian food. Also a popular shopping area mainly for souvenirs, a stroll through its centre cannot be missed without a gelato in tow!

  • Casa di Giulietta

Immortalized by Shakespeare, the city of Verona and the name Juliet is synonymous with die-hard romantics across the world. Tourists throng the house and its world-famous balcony, supposedly where Juliet stood shouting out to Romeo! The entrance to this place is adorned with messages and love notes from lovers across the globe.

Interesting to note that there is an actual ‘Juliet’s club’ run by volunteers housed in one of the rooms in this square who respond to letters and fan mail addressed to Shakespeare’s fictional heroine from all over the world!


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