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Sex at first sight

We used to learn first how to love each other but it feels like now young people learn how to make love before feelings are there. The emphasis on sex in Medias has never been that important over the last fifteen years from magazines, video clips, literature to TV shows, it is hot to talk about sex. Indeed, ‘Sex Box’ the new TV Program on Channel 4 is a typical illustration of this matter. The couples talk about their sexy antics before heading into the box to play out what they have just talked about. The question is why do we focus so much on this instead of going back to the basics? Are seduction, courtesy but also manners outdated and not essential anymore?



Being good at sex and having a lot of it is seen as the key for success and fulfillment in today’s society. Are people more happy now than they used to be? Do relationships last longer? Not so sure about it.



Let’s have a look at this current TV show called Sex box and let’s see closely what it brings on: The two contestants who never saw each other before the show, share their likes and dislikes regarding their sexual life before heading into the box to play out what they have just talked about. This is followed by a weird face to face and an awkward interview between the guests, TV host and a sexologist which is no less than a display of intimacy full of crunchy and saucy details for the sake of a very addictive entertainment.



Some might say it is fun and light while others like me are more concerned of losing the core of human relationships which should be to love actually. Talking about sex is fine, especially for young people who feel the need to get  answers to their questions. However, wouldn’t it be more helpful for them to watch a documentary made by specialists who would explain professionally and sensibly such and such things on this topic instead of a thrash and salacious TV program which shows that having sex with strangers on a daily basis is absolutely fine and safe.









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