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Several Dead and Suspect on the run after shooting in Germany

Several people have been killed in a drive by shooting in southern Germany.

Local media reported that a man in a silver Mercedes targeted passers by, he is thought to be still at large.

The shooting happened in Tiefenthal in Bavaria, southern Germany. Two people have been confirmed dead.

The first victim was reportedly an 84-year-old woman and the second was a man on a bike.

Police reportedly arrested the gunman at a petrol station in Bad Windsheim just before midday German time. Authorities have announced that this event is not connected to terrorism, and are currently searching the gun mans car for explosives.

The Mayor of Leutershausen has released a statement saying that he was “stunned…for a place with 5,500 residents where we have always lived peacefully, we only know this kind of situation from the television.”

There is no further danger to the public. A press conference will be held soon.

Updates from press conference:

Bavaria’s Interior Minister confirms the suspect and was arrested at an Esso petrol station.

There was no known connection between the shooter and the victims.

State prosecutor confirms that the shooters age is 47 years old and he had a license for the gun that was used.

State prosecutor states that the arrested man is undergoing psychological assessment and faces two charges of murder and one of attempted murder.

State prosecutor: suspect named as Bernd G. from Ansbach. The Mercedes belonged to his father. He had no criminal record and and had a permit to own firearms but not carry or use them.

Updates to follow throughout the day

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