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Selfies have killed more people than sharks this year

The selfie craze that has sweeped the world over the past few years can be an addiction and a dangerous one at that.

As the quest to take the perfect selfie becomes ever more important to social media addicts, their efforts to take the perfect selfie have reached new heights and people are becoming ever more daring in order to snap the perfect picture.

With the explosion of the selfie stick in 2014, the internet and social media has been bombarded with people taking their own photos with the stick- held device. What started off as a fad has now become the norm and selfie sticks can now be found everywhere.


Taking the perfect picture and getting thousands, if not millions of views, likes and comments is a high for many social media users. Many people get a kick out of posting some content online and seeing it immediately start trending and generating views. As social media users get more savvy, they begin to understand what people want to see and what will get noticed on the world wide web.

This is what causes people to go to extreme lengths to take amazing selfies. News emerged today that more people have died this year in selfie-related deaths than have been killed by sharks! Shark attacks aren’t a common occurrence and are becoming increasingly less frequent,  but selfie- related deaths are on the rise. Eight people have been killed by sharks this year whereas twelve people have perished attempting to take the perfect selfie.

The most recent selfie-related death was at one of the iconic wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal in India, where a Japanese tourist fell to his death by tumbling down a staircase inside the mausoleum as he tried to pose for a selfie.

Earlier this month a teenager from Houston Texas died trying to take a selfie whilst holding a gun to his own head. The gun accidently went off and the young man ended up shooting himself in the throat.

Taking selfies with dangerous animals have also caused a number of deaths. In July of this year a man was bitten trying to take a selfie with a rattlesnake and was hospitalised for a number of days.

People often pose in perilous positions to take the perfect selfie. In July, a twenty one year old woman died after falling from a bridge trying to take a selfie next to Moscow City financial district. In Romania a couple of teenage girls died while trying to take a selfie on top of a train. They were electrocuted with an electrical surge of 27000 volts coursing through their bodies all while trying to take the ultimate Instagram selfie with the Romanian city of Lasi in the background.

This selfie craze isn’t about to die down anytime soon and there are likely to be many more selfie –related deaths in the near future as people scale new heights in order to take the ultimate selfie.

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