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Security crackdown follows Tunisia attack

The Tunisian government has stationed hundreds of police officers inside hotels while tourism agencies evacuate holidaymakers after Friday’s attack left 38 dead.

Interior Minister Najem Gharsalli announced the country would employ up to 1,000 police and security forces to protect its tourist sites.

The government also imposed a ban on men under the age of 35 from travelling to Libya. It also ordered 80 mosques to remain closed.

The British Foreign Office has warned on Saturday that further attacks in Tunisia “are possible”. Thousands of tourists have already left the North African country. Extra flights have been chartered over the weekend in order to transport holidaymakers home. Most tourists lauded the support and help they received from local employees and officials.

Friday’s attack on a beach near the city of Sousse left 38 foreigners dead, among them 15 Britons. The extremist group ISIS, or Islamic State, has claimed responsibility.

Tunisians account for the highest number of Islamic State recruits worldwide. More than 3,000 are said to have travelled to Syria or Iraq, according to government officials.


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