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Search for missing students uncovers 129 bodies

The search for 43 missing college students in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero has unearthed 60 graves and 129 bodies over 10 months, Mexico’s attorney general’s office has said.

The figures were released following a freedom of information request made by the associated press and they have prompted fresh anger at the authorities seeming inability to tackle Mexico’s problem with disappearances, with around 20,000 people reported missing.

None of the bodies are thought to belong to any of the students who disappeared in Iguala on Sept. 26 and authorities believe that none will be. Only 16 of the 129 bodies have so far been identified; 20 were women, 92 were men, the gender of the rest is still to be determined.


The report given to the associated press may not include all of the bodies found, as the freedom of information request only covered cases where the government’s mass grave specialists were called out.

On Sunday, a few hundred people led by parents of the missing youths marched in Mexico City to call for justice in the case. Demonstrations have been held on the 26th of each month since the incident. Prosecutors have charged the former mayor and his wife in relation to the students’ disappearance, alleging that the group was handed over to a drug cartel as they were considered a nuisance to the couple’s political activities.

Many people have questioned the governments version of the event, and the National Human Rights Commission, issued a report last week outlining at least 30 omissions in the investigation that would help determine the youths’ fate. Including some very basic investigation procedures that were never performed.

By Fiona Carty

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