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San Diego’s 2016 Comic-Con- The round up: Best & Worse of day 3 & 4

So this year’s Comic-Con is officially over and boy what a year it was! We had new trailers, new reveals, first looks at our new heroes and many more. I am going to run down the best and worse (yes there were some ‘bad’) parts of the second half of this year’s super convention. Throughout the week we were lucky enough to be gifted with some top notch awaited trailers from some of the most anticipated films, superhero franchises and series. Also we got exclusive footage from upcoming seasons of popular series including Game of ThronesFlash and Luke Cage, so let’s get this list underway

Shall we start with everything good?





Okay, well best start with Marvel. What’s so impressive about the Marvel Studios is that, each year they have consistently built up everyone’s expectations and continues to exceed them! This year was no different, even though we didn’t get any feature footage from Black Panther; which hacked off the fans slightly, we were instead gifted with the new trailer from Doctor Strange, which in all honesty felt like I was re-watching Inception again- it was that trippy. Nonetheless, Benedict Cumberbatch produced an unexpected clone like Tony Stark performance with the delivery of his cheeky one-liners and cocky mannerisms. At first I was bit put off by the whole parade, however, as the trailer went on, I got myself liking him more and more.

The panel itself was extraordinary, we saw a new member join the Marvel family who goes by the name of Brie Larson being revealed as the magnificent Captain Marvel, but the panel had literally everything you want in regards to the Marvel franchise: smoke machines, laser-lights, some really impressive improv and with that came some rather abysmal improv too. In addition to this, Michael B Jordan delighted fans on the Black Panther panel in addition to the new casting of Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o and the The Walking Dead star Danai Gurira who are to be joining the Black Panther roster. We got even more Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2 footage than anyone could hope for with Chris Pratt and James Gunn appearing at the panel teasing footage from the upcoming sequel

From the big screen to the small and Marvel Studios have announced three trailers from their Netlfix series and we got Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders. These unique series, starting with Daredevil, then Jessica Jones and onwards have taken the world by storm. With each series being better than the pervious. So hopefully, these next in line to hit Netflix will not fail to deliver, with the last being the penultimate ‘mini-Aveneger’ The Defenders which should excite fans alike. Overall Marvel Studios truly delivered with Kevin Feige and the rest of the team at the Marvel Studios deserving a really nice hug for what they have done for their fans this year.




The response that the DC Cinematic Universe got at this year’s SDCC was extraordinary. Warner Bros and DC have had a hard time lately and for a fan who grew up reading DC comics has slowly become ever frustrated when watching your favourite heroes being poorly directed in their respected films. Yet, DC were in need of a big win after a horrid response from their first audacious attempt that was Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, with a shift around in their production team, it is clear that they have gotten the message and have provided us with a collection of trailers that look rather promising. First of all, the Justice League trailer was magnificent, really showing the potential that this film has always had. The film looks to be stepping into the right direction, with each of the heroes coming into their own element, showing off the ‘correct’ portrayal that these character were always known for in their comics. The humour was slick, the characterisation was spot on and the direction the trailer was going in looks rather interesting, so all we need now, is to wait and see as the film begins to develops throughout the time it is released.




One of the trailers I was really impressed with was Wonder Woman. For me, the poster and trailer was beautiful, really juxtaposing the elegance and grace that Wonder Woman has. Every aspect of the trailer reinforces the independent and strong elements that comes with this DC character, removing the clichés that afflicts the female characters that has become to be the norm in comic book films. Moreover, the preview revealed not only some exciting battle sequences, but also some genuinely emotional moments between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. The chemistry that Pine has on screen with Gadot is done gorgeously, shifting the balance in status between hero and saviour.





During the Game of Thrones panel, a certain fan pointed out that, if Jon Snow and Sansa Stark aren’t really siblings anymore, there could be a possibility of them getting it on. When Sophie Turner responded to the fans question, she replied with ‘Ooh… let’s get the party started’ then to say to the producers ‘Dave and Dan, if you make anything happen I’ll kill you. It brought a lot of humour to the panel and gave viewers a really enjoyable watch.


The stars of Sherlock came together once more on Sunday to tease the upcoming new trailer for its 4th season. The man in demand Mr. Cumberbatch was on hand with fellow co-stars Amanda Abbington and Mark Gatiss also joining in on the fun. The show’s co-creator Steven Moffat unveil the footage and discussed the new season, which is in the midst of filming. Abbington explained that ‘it’s really dark. It’s the darkest Steven and Mark have written’ with this being said and from the looks of the trailer, may suggest that this is the darkest time for the London detective, who is played by Cumberbatch. The new season of the BBC show could be Moffat’s last and if so, what a send-off this could be!

Now as that covers some of the best highlights over the last two days, let’s look at the moments that weren’t so great the biggest surprise came with DC.




Despite a brilliant time at this year’s convention, DC did manage to falter in some places too. When The Killing Joke got announced that it would be transitoned into an animated feature film, fans alike went crazy with excitement, however that soon changed with the disaster of the Killing Joke panel. What really hit a nerve with the fans was the footage of Batgirl and Batman having a sexual relationship- but I mean come on, is it really that bad? There both adults? It didn’t help that writer Brian Azzarello called a fan a ‘pussy’ after they said Batgirl can only control the men in her life through sexual desires rather than any real agency. Not only that but the added sub-plots consisting within the film didn’t sit too well with the fans. Overall the entire event ended in a disaster which could carry on the fall of one of the greatest story arcs years to come.


I am a big fan of Guy Ritchie and the films he makes, mainly because they are relevant in their setting and time period. Yet, with King Arthur, the cockney transition makes the film look rather odd. The brawls in the streets and that cockney swagger just doesn’t fit right in the film. It works with RocknRolla & Sherlock Holmes because like I’ve already said, it fits well with the time period and setting the characters are in, however, rolling back the years further, in a time where horses emulated the Mercedes of our day, just doesn’t make me feel comfortable and for me, this was one of the bad aspects of SDCC.





So with this, I am caught in two halves. I am excited with the prospect of a new Blair Witch film, yet, I am kind of getting bored of all this reboots now. FIND SOME ORIGNAL IDEAS GUYS! Nonetheless, originally the film was going to be called Into the Woods, however, after a big surprise, we discovered that the film, which is not being made by the original directors no more, is now going to be a sequel to the classic horror flick. It was made in such secrecy that only a few employees at the production company Lionsgate knew what the project was actually about. It’s a bit harsh including this in the bad section, however, I am just getting bored of the rise of reboots when instead we could get some exciting new material from some hungry writers/directors that are out there.

SDCC has been amazing this year, highlighting huge amounts of material to get us excited for in the coming future. For me, the winners of this year’s convention has to go to DC, they have been the ‘runt of the litter’ in regards to all their hard critics they have received over the past years, though they seem to be going in the right direction now and my god we have a lot to look forward to. For now, I shall leave you with this highlight reel of the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con.




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