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San Diego’s 2016 Comic-Con super week coverage- The video game panels that we all need to see

It’s only 24 hours till this year’s Comic-Con preview night and this is the place to be for all things geeky. If you want to know about all the new announcements in regards to comic books, movies and anime, then look no further. However, also on the schedule for SDCC 2016 are video games to fill your button bashing needs. This year, several big-name developers/publishers will be present to showcase all the exciting upcoming releases. In addition to this, there’s also going to be various video game-themed panels sharing its time with the roster of films and associated media.

The video game line up is pretty exciting and holsters a number of blockbuster games to be released in the near future and here are the games to be featured at this year’s conventions

Thursday, July 21st


The main game to look out for on Thursday is the highly anticipated pirate MMO game- Sea of Thieves. For anyone who is a fan of MMO (massive multiplayer online) games such as: Destiny, World of Warcraft DC Universe, then this title is not to be missed. Saddle up and get your crew together and begin your domination across the seas, as you team up and show the online world who’s the meanest of them all!

Other titles to be included on Thursday are:

-Street Fighter Nation

-Gears of War 4: Creators, Characters and Cast

-World of Capcom

-Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare- Behind the scenes of the immersive narrative

-Warcraft: The Road to Legion

-Behind the scene of Overwatch’s Newest Hero

-Streetpass San Diego: Gaming Communities and Changing with Time

-Video game comics

Friday, July 22nd

The next big title to feature at this year’s Comic-Con is Injustice 2. With the announcement trailer recently released, this game is looking damn super. This ‘beat em up’ sequel involves a number of DC character’s battling one another looking for that superior victory. Control a number or superhero’s & villains such as Superman, Batman, Flash, Joker, Lex Luthor and many more. If that’s not enough till fill your excitement, then have a look at this!

Other titles to be included on Friday are:

-Halo Wars 2: Know your enemy

-Resident Evil’s 20th anniversary

-BANDAI NAMCO entertainment fighting games 2016

-The art of video games

-Gears, green screens and gaming: Behind the scenes of your favourite games

-South Park season 20- which will feature footage of South Park: The Fractured Butt Whole

-Writing for the computer gaming industry

-From day job to dream job: Making the transition

-Community video gaming, local LAN and live events

-Creating your own universe

-Mega64 Rogue Two Galactic Civil War Trilogy Reboot

Saturday, July 23rd


On Saturday, we celebrate 20 years of a very popular and loved gaming characters who is known to be Lara Croft. During the afternoon, attendees will get to see 20 years of Tomb Raider: Lara Crofts Multimedia empire, exploring why it’s been such a successful franchise making fans eager to play the game since all of the years gone by.

Other titles to be included on Saturday are:

-Deus Ex and open Bionics: Augmented Future

-Game on: Teach students to create content-themed games

-Career paths into game developments

-NASA & Angry Birds on a journey to Mars

-Creating immersive game story

-World of Monster Hunter

-The Road to Pro-gaming and E-Sports

-Pop culture influence: Zombie video games

-How to get a job in video games

-Ready writer one: How to write for video games

Sunday, July 24th

On the last day of this year’s Comic-Con we get to see another instalment in the popular Lego video game series. Lego Dimensions is an action-adventure game developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Warner Bros. Inactive Entertainment which will allow players to control Lego figures and portals that can switch between different characters and environments from over 30 different franchises. Yep, 30 different franchises! And this will be explored throughout Sunday’s panel.

Other titles to be included on Sunday are:

-Crackle Dead Rising: Endgame

-Re-Imaging reality: Bringing games into the real world with Ingress and Pokémon GO

-Assassin’s Creed Last Descendants: Author Matthew J. Kirby

-Pac-Man to Mario: Retro video games and video game history

-Geektastic careers in video game media

So that concludes all the video game content for this year’s SDCC. There’s a number of big names included in this guide that will make gamers eagerly excited. The next article in this week’s Comic-Con coverage will be everything on preview night as this year’s geekiest convention straps on its cap and gets ready to set flight!




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