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San Diego’s 2016 Comic-Con super week coverage- Preview night & Launch Day

San Diego’s Comic-Con is officially in full swing with the hordes of zombies, legions of Stormtroopers, leagues of superheroes and crews of Starfleet having already begun marauding their way in San Diego and boy what a couple of day’s we’ve already had.

This year’s convention kicked off Wednesday evening with the festival’s preview night, where the lucky 4 day passers got the opportunity to have a first crack at the collectables, merchandise and photo shoots on the San Diego convention centre floor. Fans alike gathered on the packed floor to gaze at all the spectacular installations such as a Jedi Temple, a rather large 13-foot Captain America statue celebrating 75 years and outside was all the advertisings of the Star Trek premier.

Fans attending preview night were blown away by the Star Trek premier. 3,500 attendees witnessed an orchestra, fireworks, lasers and tributes to the series late stars and that’s before the film even started! Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban and other fellow actors introduced the film on stage. Star Trek has had massive presence throughout Comic-Con’s history and with the franchise celebrating its 50th year anniversary, preview night was a rather special and emotional night. A host of the production team reflected on certain, much loved actors with Zachary Quinto remembering original Spock actor Nimoy, whilst J.J Abrams led a moment of silence in honour of Anton Yelchin saying ‘there is something missing tonight, there is someone missing tonight’, however despite the loss, the film managed to do justice and came away with positive reviews. You’ll see the Star Trek lot back on Saturday’s panel talking about all the Star Trek instalments.


Elsewhere on the convention floor, fans were able to terrify themselves when they lined up to interact and pose with the ‘Walkers’ from Walking Dead in some impressive constructed sets, such as a broken fuselage. Other news for Walking Dead fans is that ahead of its debut later this year, Telltale Games have released a new poster along with a batch of screenshots from The Walking Dead: Season 3; the next instalment from the Walking Dead video games series. The Walking Dead: Season 3 will feature a brand-new character, who’ have never appeared in the comics or Telltale’s game series. He is named Javier and he’ll be a playable addition to Clementine.

Back to movies and an intriguing new character from Star Wars: Rouge one has been revealed on its first day. With appearances from the main crew; both Rebel and Imperial, however, among the familiar actors and characters, there was one costume that got everyone intrigued. This character goes by the name of ‘Edrio Two Tubes’ and Edrio is described as: ‘A mercenary pilot, whose home world. Yar Togna, was conquered and occupied by the Empire. This forced him to flee from his home world as a refugee. Edrios flies alongside hiss eggmate, Bethnic Two Tubes. Together they have joined forced with Saw Gerrera to strike back against the Empire’ sounds like exciting stuff, I’ll try to get more on this as the days go by. For the Star Wars fans out there, here is the highlights of the Rouge One panel

More interesting and intriguing news comes in the form of a Suicide Squad. The film’s merchandise has revealed a figurine of the Joker possibly wearing Batman’s suit. The toy is simply known as ‘Joker (Batman impostor version) and quite frankly I want one. As you can see on the figure, there are significant and identifying factors that could play a big part in the film. Sadly, no one truly knows if this Joker version of the Batsuit will actually feature in the film but it mirrors the Robin suit so well which is seen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Suicide Squad is really building momentum at this year’s convention and it looks like fans are starting to take to it more.

The other happenings that were featured on day one was the first look at sci-fi picture Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. The crowd greeted the footage enthusiastically, so far as members rising to their feet, however, if your eager to see any more on this film, you may have to wait awhile as it doesn’t hit theatres until July next year! There was also an exclusive trailer for Snowden featuring Jason Gordon-Levitt, other exclusive news come in the form of Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick as they unveil new footage of DreamWorks animation Trolls. From the creators of Shrek, the movie tells the story of a pair of mismatched trolls, who have to rescue their friends from troll-eating giants. In an exclusive clip, shown in Comic-Con’s Hall H, Anna’s characters Poppy is shown angering a troll called Branch, voiced by Justin, because she is singing while he tries to sleep. The clip ends with Branch throwing Poppy’s acoustic guitar in a fire. Fans flocked to Hall H to catch a glimpse of Justin, Anna and the footage of the film itself; being committed to the film by dressing in Troll fancy dress.

That’s most of the major news to happen so far at SDCC, the cosplay has been on form this year with tons of fans dressing up as their favourite characters, whilst a number of different merchandises being sold, such as Rugrats memorabilia! Yep, you hear me, Rugrats memorabilia… nostalgia anyone? I could be here all day talking to you about all the happenings at Comic-Con but don’t worry I’ll keep you updated as much as I can. The next article I will be focusing on is the latter part of day 1 and the start of day 2 news and coverage whilst also exploring some of the best cosplay to feature this year yet! Live long and prosper everyone.





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