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Saadiq Long Arrested Along Turkish-Syrian Border

U.S. and Turkish officials confirmed United States Air Force veteran Saadiq Long’s arrest near the Turkish-Syria border earlier this month along with other members of an ISIS cell.


Long’s placement on a no-fly list in 2012 garnered nation-wide media support when the Islamic convert was denied airline passage to his mother’s home in Oklahoma. Long’s mother was apparently ill at that time and with the assistance of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and various American media organizations, Long was eventually able to travel to Oklahoma.



Kevin Drum of Mother Jones referred to the ordeal as the “Kafkaesque World of the No-Fly List,” at the time.

Long remained on the FBI’s surveillance list even after his return to his mother’s home in the U.S. and was later denied air passage back to Doha, Qatar, where he lives with his wife and children.

MSNBC host, Chris Hayes, interviewed Long and his lawyer in 2013. CAIR attorney Gadeir Abbas indicated in the interview that only God and the FBI know why individuals are placed on TSA’s no-fly list.

CAIR representatives, MSNBC and the Mother Jones publication indicated Long’s treatment was an example of “Islamophobia.”

Long’s arrest on suspicion of being part of an ISIS cell along with seven others was confirmed by the U.S. embassy in Ankara.

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