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Russian Plane Crash ‘Not Due to Engine Failure’

French aviation officials investigating the Russian plane crash in Egypt last week have confirmed that the incident was not caused by technical failures.
The plane was taken down during its journey from Egyptian tourist resort Sharm el-Sheikh to St Petersberg last Saturday, causing all of the 224 passengers and crew on board to be killed.
Earlier in the week UK officials reported that they had found intelligence to suggest that a bomb may have been placed in the hold of the aircraft before take-off, after phone calls between militants were intercepted.
Islamic State militants in the Sinai province, where the plane came down, insist that they are responsible for the incident. However, they have not claimed how they initiated the crash. IS has recently incited a war against the US and Russia due to their air strikes over Syria.
Other French officials investigating the crash have suggested that a ‘violent, sudden’ explosion caused the crash. According to the information given by the flight data recorder, ‘everything was normal during the flight, absolutely normal, and suddenly there was nothing’.
Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, has suspended all flights from Russia to Egypt and asked for all tourists currently in the region to be brought home. There are currently around 50,000 Russian holidaymakers in Egypt.
Local residents who rely on the tourism industry are worried about their future income, as the region had already suffered since the revolution of 2011, however had seemed to look more promising in recent months. Russians make up more than 30% of the tourists who visit Egypt every year.
The crash comes just as the peak season of tourism in Egypt begins, with the majority of holidaymakers visiting in autumn and winter, and will likely have a severe impact on the industry in Egypt.

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