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Russia increases military strength in Syria in order to ‘protect National Interests’

President Putin has given the go ahead for Russian military to hold air strikes against Assad Opponents in order to ‘protect Russian national security,’ with reports suggesting that Homs and Hama rebel held areas  of Syria have been hit during strikes carried out earlier today. These attacks are said to have killed 36 people, including women and children.

The strikes has caused heightened tension between the U.S and Russia, with Russia suggesting that air strikes were set to target Islamic state held areas and bases, and The U.S stating that Russian troops had so far not manoeuvred into extremist held areas.

John Kerry, U.S Secretary of State has expressed ‘grave concern’ over the increase in Russian airstrikes in Syria, with fears that terrorist elements and radicalisation will not stop until Assad is removed from office.  The U.S has also suggested that it would consider talks with Russia regarding a joint air-strike mission in order to avoid ‘accidental conflicts’ between the two campaigns.


Other NATO allies such as The U.K and France have also shown concern over the current airstrikes by Putin and Russian Military, with Prime Minister David Cameron saying that if Russia’s military action is in the effort of the ‘same common goal’ in order to remove ISIS then it is all for the greater good. However if ‘the action against the Free Syrian Army and in defence of Assad the dictator, then obviously that is a retrograde step.’

With reports claiming that the Syrian Government has had correspondence with Vladamir Putin for military support against Syrian Rebels, the airstrikes look set to continue.

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